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That’s right Vault Hunters, here’s your chance to win Handsome Jack’s living room set! Yes, you have the chance to own a gold couch and chairs decked out with silhouettes of your favorite Borderlands guns, a golden weapons chest and your very own CL4P-TP unit! As if these as props weren’t enough, the chest holds a gilded handsome jack and bandit mask while the Claptrap is actually useful for once and is a functional refrigerator. He’s a fridge, you guys. A Claptrap fridge! Their overall evil tendencies aside, Hyperion sure does make some pretty awesome stuff.

According to the video on the Xbox Youtube channel:

“Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is out and Handsome Jack has got a job for you, Vault Hunters! Show us how psycho you are for Borderlands in a video and Jack will give up his golden couch set to the Ultimate Vault Hunter. That’s right, between celebrating the launch of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – and Jack’s need to clean out his storage unit – he’s hooking up one lucky winner with his living room set!

Here’s how to enter.
1. Create a video on why you deserve Jack’s Loot. Make sure to identify your Twitter handle. (90 seconds maximum)
2. Upload the video to YouTube, Vine, or Instagram
3. Post the link to the video on your Twitter account with #JackLoot and #Contest

There is a more thorough explanation of the rules located here so make sure to look them over before winning all of this and then donating it all, or at least the Claptrap fridge, to me.

Make sure to follow @Borderlands @GearboxSoftware and @2K on Twitter and feel free to notify me in the comments below or @theblakerodgers when you’ve won the set and plan on shipping it to me.

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