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Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Finally Go Head-To-Head in a Drum-Off

Since February of this year, Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, the drummer for The Red Hot Chili Peppers, have been aiming to find out who is clearly the better drummer. All of this started from some claims on Reddit that Ferrell and Smith share a likeness. Going down a rabbit hole of a prank, they somehow spiraled this into trading verbal barbs about each other’s drumming skills. It was then agreed upon by Smith and Ferrell that if they raised enough money for their respective charities and, they would have a drum battle for the ages.

Enough money was indeed raised and Ferrell and Smith chose The Tonight Show as their arena. Thursday night, both took to the couch on The Tonight Show steaming at each other, much like professional boxers at a weigh-in. Though, it should be noted that Smith couldn’t help but laugh as Ferrell engaged in his usual tomfoolery. What made it even more memorable is that they were dressed exactly alike all the way down to the same slightly exact faded t-shirt and both Will and Chad pretended to be each other during their panel interview.

Only so many words could be minced after months of wanting to tear each other to shreds in a drum-off. So, Fallon introduced the “traditional rules” of the drum off and then Will Ferrell and Chad Smith finally made good on their promise to the world to duel each other on drums. If you’ve never seen Ferrell drum before, you might be a little surprised how this battle goes and definitely delighted in how it ends.

You asked for more cowbell, well now you got it.

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  1. DiHard11 says:

    This is adorable! I think everyone is a winner here!

  2. Austin says:

    I loved how Chad could barely keep it together