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Why Cersei Lannister Won’t Survive GAME OF THRONES Season 7

“Valar morghulis,” but some people really have it coming, like Cersei Lannister.

The current ruler of Westeros ascended the throne only after there was no one else left standing, a situation due in large part to her nefarious actions. She’s a rotten, scheming, hate-filled human who has never met an ally she couldn’t turn into a foe.

cersei wine

We know plenty of people are going to die this year on Game of Thrones, and there are those we really hope earn a date with the Stranger. That list starts with Cersei, (although it would be shocking and exciting to see Jon Snow go as well) the queen who has crafted a resume of wickedness and sorrow that makes her more than qualified for an epic finale.

She’s a Connoisseur of Torture

Sansa suffered thanks to Cersei even before she became her prisoner in King’s Landing. This all started when the queen ordered the Sansa’s direwolf Lady killed because Arya stood up to Joffrey. But the mental torture and cruelty really started after Ned Stark was imprisoned, when Cersei, Sansa’s future mother-in-law, toyed with her “little dove.”


That’s still better than what she did to Ros, who she falsely believed was Tyrion’s secret lover. However, Ros’ physical torture and imprisonment is nothing compared to the horrors we imagine Septa Unella is currently going through at the hands of the zombie Mountain. “Shame” is right.

She Rewarded Ned Stark’s Mercy By Destroying His Family

Sure, it was stupid of Ned to give a Lannister a heads up on anything, but he did show Cersei and her bastard children unimaginable kindness by giving her time to escape Robert’s wrath. And for that merciful gesture she had Ned arrested as a traitor and subsequently dismantling all of House Stark. No good deed goes unpunished, especially when you do something nice for Cersei, a woman who views the world only with vitriol.


She Sabotaged Her Family’s Most Important Alliance

During an attack on King’s Landing, Cersei was about to kill herself and Tommen before her father burst into the Throne Room announcing Stannis’s forces had been defeated in season 2. That victory was only possible thanks to their new alliance with the Tyrells. When Margaery then married Joffrey (and then Tommen), that should have strengthened House Lannister’s monumentally important partnership. Instead, an insecure and power-hungry Cersei did everything she could to undermine it, eventually going so far as to have the High Sparrow arrest both Margaery and Loras. At least that blew up in her face.


She Mistreated Tyrion His Entire Life

Hopefully so will her lifelong mistreatment of her youngest brother, who she blames for “killing” their mother during childbirth. She began by torturing him in his crib when he was just a newborn, and that continued for the rest of his life. Even as Tyrion was saving their house from complete disaster during the Battle of Blackwater, she was working against him. Her blind, irrational hatred for Tyrion led her to put together a sham trial to have him executed for Joffrey’s murder. Unfortunately for her, he now sails alongside the Mother of Dragons, and they are heading right for Cersei’s throne. Oops.

Tyrion Lannister: "...really, Dad?"

Her Children Were All Bastards of Incest

As Tyrion once said, Cersei’s love for her children is her one redeeming quality. (“That, and your cheekbones.”) But because everything she touches is perverted, even her kids are in violation of the laws of gods and men, since they are bastards born of incest with her twin brother. Game of Thrones might have numbed us to lots of awful things, but incest is still vile. And remember, when Jaime wasn’t around, she opened her bed to her young first cousin Lancel. How’d that work out for him?


The Mad Queen is a Mass Murderer

But Lancel Lannister was one of many, many, many victims the day she blew up the Sept of Baelor with the Mad King’s hidden cache of wildfire. In one massive explosion she killed the High Sparrow, Margaery, Loras, and Mace Tyrell, as well as her own uncle Kevan, alongside hundreds of other Faith Militant and King’s Landing residents. All because Cersei didn’t want to answer for her crimes, crimes she was totally guilty of.


She was accused of committing incest with Jaime, and of having her husband, King Robert Baratheon, killed. She did both of those things, and it was entirely her fault, and for a short while the High Sparrow seemed in control of her fate. So to clean up her mess she murdered hundreds of people–and then she laughed about it. (And that doesn’t even include her having Maester Pycelle killed, or her despondent son jumping to his death because she murdered his wife).

What will she do with the rest of the Mad King’s wildfire when she’s besieged by enemies on all sides? Hopefully someone will stop her the way he stopped Aerys II was years ago. That would be a glorious end.

But does this mean that her time is near? Will we finally see her demise in season 7? What do you think? Has Cersei earned her end, or do you hope she survives yet again? Use our comments section below to swear your thoughts to the old gods and the new.

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