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Who’s the Funniest Man on TV Right Now?

It’s Thursday, so who feels like a good ol’ Internet debate? I’ve been watching a crap ton of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia this summer — helped by the whole ‘it exists on two networks’ thing — and off the success of Horrible Bosses this past weekend (it’s tough to beat Transformers because we live in a world of idiots, but at least it trumped Kevin James), I decided to take a long walk through my neighborhood and attempt to hash out the answer to this basic question about Charlie Day’s potential place in the universe:

Who is the funniest man on TV right now?

For the purposes of this exercise, I excluded nary a soul — everyone is eligible, so long as you’re on a currently-active television show (that will be back in fall 2011) of any genre (funny people on dramas count, as do variety show cast members and cartoons) — and I believe Day may be cracking my personal top five. Also in there somewhere: Donald Glover, Joel McHale (two from one show, DAYUM!), Jim Parsons (character makes the show), NPH, Nick Offerman, Aziz, and so many more. Yes, I also believe Sterling Archer may have a place here.

Who you got, nerds?

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  1. Trixie says:

    Wonderful exalnaption of facts available here.

  2. Dylan says:

    Ty Burell!

  3. leo says:

    It’s impossible to say just one name. Probably a tie among Nick Offerman, Ty Burell and Colbert. And even maybe Sterling Archer too. I literally just started watching the show yesterday and it’s really funny.

  4. Emily says:

    Nick Offerman is currently the funniest man on TV. He loves comedy so much (see Ron Swanson’s drunk dancing gif for further proof). But Donald Glover never fails to make me laugh and Adam Scott and Louis C.K. are slowburn hilarious. Should I just say all the guys on Parks (omitting Rob Lowe).

    Oh, and BILL HADER is amazing.

  5. Tyson says:

    A tie between Don Glover and Charlie Day. Charlie kills it in Horrible Bosses by the way.

    #KittenMittens #DayMan

  6. Jaydawg says:

    H. Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer cracks my shit up on a regular basis. All the guys on Modern Family are pretty hilarious (but I’d give the edge to Ty Burrell).

  7. phantombread says:

    Louis Czekely
    John Oliver (I haven’t seen him anywhere else on this list, and this guy is an absolute murderer these days, between the stand up show and the daily show and community, plus the bugle podcast, just so underrated and awesome.)
    Nick Kroll (that special is so meta and amazing, plus ruxin)
    Andy Samberg (another glaring omission)
    Seth Meyers (just on volume and batting average alone he’s up there with Stewart and Colbert only he writes a higher volume of his own stuff.)

  8. Sally says:

    I forgot about Richard Ayoade and Matt Berry! Now I have to redo my whole list.

  9. Scott says:

    Louis CK, get him on the podcast!

  10. Danone Cureton says:

    1. Nick Offerman (dry delivery never sounded so good)
    2. Chris Pratt (best and funniest slacker on TV)
    3. Rob Huebel (hands down one of the funniest fucking performers out there! Check out his Twitter too)
    4. Amy Poehler (the girl makes me laugh)
    5. Tracy Morgan (not a popular choice but the guy is responsible for many of the gut busting laughs off 30 Rock)

  11. Marshall says:

    Doug Benson is my next fave. The Benson Interruption is genious.

  12. Marshall says:

    IMHO Louis CK is the funniest person alive

  13. chris says:

    Chris I think your awesome but I have to give it to Donald Glover. He is just to awesome for his own good

  14. KevMoe says:

    1. Larry David
    2. Jon Lajoie

  15. Zakariah says:

    Now that they’re involved in the same post, can we address that CHARLIE DAY AND CHRIS HARDWICK LOOK TOO SIMILAR. I try to picture Chris in my head sometimes when I’m listening to the podcast (I’m a visual concept kind of guy) and I always end up picturing Charlie Day. And cursing my own stupidity. FRUSTRATION.

    I have no list, I bring nothing of value to this website

  16. Kevin says:

    Top 5. Nick Offerman, NPH, Danny Pudi, Chris Parnell, Ken Jeong.