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Who Will Willem Dafoe Play In The JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie?

Comic book movie fans will see another familiar face in next year’s Justice League film. Former cinematic Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe is joining the DC Extended Universe, alongside his Spider-Man co-star, J.K. Simmons.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about Dafoe’s role in Justice League, but even that outlet has no idea who Dafoe will play in the film. According to the initial report, Warner Bros. isn’t providing any details about Dafoe’s role beyond the fact that he will be a “good guy” who will appear in both parts of the Justice League movie.

Admittedly, “good guy” is not a lot of information to go on when it comes to determining Dafoe’s part. Although, if Dafoe’s character is an ordinary man, he might be a great fit for King Faraday, one of the DC Universe’s top secret agents. On the Justice League Unlimited animated series, King Faraday was the government’s liaison with the League.

King Faraday

If Dafoe is playing one of the superheroes in the film, perhaps the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott would be a good choice. Judging from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Green Lanterns may not even be on Earth yet. That said, there’s certainly a possibility that Alan Scott could be among their number even if that doesn’t match up with his comic book history.

Alan Scott

But this is the possible Willem Dafoe role that we like the best: Metron of the New Gods.


Although Metron is more of a neutral character than a “good guy,” he is a natural choice for the Justice League film if it is going to bring Darkseid and the New Gods into the DC Extended Universe. Batman v Superman certainly implied that was the plan when Batman’s dream/vision appeared to include Parademons from Apokolips.

The first Justice League movie is currently in production and it will be released on November 17, 2017.

Who do you think that Dafoe will play in Justice League? Share your theories below!

What else can we look forward to in the Justice League movie? Nerdist News has the answer!

Images: Summit Entertainment/DC Comics/Mattel

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