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Who Should DEADPOOL 2 Cast as Cable?

Sweet tap-dancing chimichangas! How freaking awesome was Deadpool, you guys!? The film is well on its way to proving comic book franchises can live in a world of R ratings and I cannot express to you how much that warms my curse word-filled heart. Seeing the foul-mouthed and raunchy nature of a character like Deadpool play out so well on the big screen has got me very excited for future films for the character.

If you haven’t yet seen the film, know that there definitely is an after-credits scene and—I say this without exaggeration—it is perfect. The manner in which it’s done and the reference that it makes create an amazing combination of humor and fourth-wall breaking. In my mind, there is no better way the film could have ended.

The scene makes mention that the sequel will feature none other than Deadpool’s on-again off-again frenemy and ammo-pouch aficionado Cable. Since production of what I can only hope will be called Deadpool 2: Electric Boogaloo was just announced there’s still a lot to be decided upon for plot and, especially, casting. As our very own Blair Marnell reported on last month, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld weighed in on his dream pick for the cybernetic silver fox.

While I surely can’t really argue with that choice and photo-shopped visual aid, it got me thinking about other actors that could pull off the bad-assery of the one and only Cable. So at great risk of trolls telling me I don’t know anything about Cable, and of absolutely ruining my Google search history with terms like “handsome silver foxes” and “musclebound older actors,” here are some picks that I could see playing Cable in Deadpool 2.

CableCasting01Til Schweiger
German actor Til Schweiger has certainly got the look of Cable down without even trying. In the comics, Cable was 6’8″ and 350 lbs, but the film is likely to opt for a more realistic build for its time-traveling soldier from a dystopian future. I’m thinking they’ll go more for a cybernetic Jason Bourne type. Schweiger has got the look, and the action film acting chops from his part as Hugo Stiglitz in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and his starring role in the German action flick Tschiller: Off Duty.




CableCasting02Jeffrey Dean Morgan
There might not be an actor out there that’s better at playing a grizzled man who’s seen his share of pain than Jeffrey Dean Morgan is. Whether it was playing John Winchester on Supernatural or The Comedian in 2009’s Watchmen, his ability to handle flawed and slightly anti-heroic characters who believe in something bigger than themselves would be perfect for a character like Cable. However, this opinion may change after his upcoming role playing Negan on The Walking Dead. I have a feeling he’ll be such a good villain that the idea of him as Cable just won’t feel right after that.



CableCasting03Tom Hardy
There’s no question that Tom Hardy could play any character you give him. Granted this pick kind of falls into the pipe-dream area of Liefeld’s choice of Jon Hamm because there are likely a few dozen roles being thrown at those actors on a daily basis. The compelling aspect of Hardy’s acting is that even when he plays an evil character there’s a part of us that wants to see him succeed. This could be interesting since Deadpool was initially one of Cable’s enemies and the switch from foe to friend is something Hardy could definitely accomplish.




CableCasting04Stephen Lang
Another actor who’d nail the look without even trying is Stephen Lang. As proved by his part as Col. Miles Quaritch in 2009’s Avatar, his capability of playing a soldier from the future is unquestionable. At 63 years old he can still decently hold his own in an action scene. The only drawback might be the fact this the majority of his roles are antagonists and that might not mesh well if we can’t see him as anything but the villain.





CableCasting05Dermot Mulroney
Not really known for action films unless you count parts of Young Guns, my choice of Mulroney is mostly due to his recent stint on Showtime’s Shameless. Playing a wise-beyond-his-years character with a thousand-mile stare, Mulroney’s pained eyes lend to my thought that he could pull off the role of Cable. His character in Shameless is calm and collected in the face of stress and is very precise with his words as if he’s seen it all before. This quality would play nicely against the motor-mouthed Deadpool.




CableCasting06Henry Rollins
Do I really have to make a case for this choice? There’s no doubt that Rollins has got the look, build, and intensity to play Cable. For some reason I even feel he’d likely have decent chemistry to play off Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. For the few naysayers out there (who are most certainly wrong) check out the trailer for Rollins’ He Never Died in which he plays a cranky immortal badass on a mission to save his daughter.





As with any film, the Deadpool sequel will have it’s fair share of time going through the rumor mill and who knows if any or all of these actors will even be thought of as serious contenders for the role. With the success Deadpool sees at the box office and the fact it adhered so closely with the source material this time around, it’s safe to say that the filmmakers will make the right choice with whoever they pick for Cable.

Who do you think should play Cable in Deadpool 2? Do you agree with the list above? Am I completely wrong? How fast should I be fired, let me know in the comments below!

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