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Where We’re Going We Might Still Need Roads

If Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 rolls around and we still don’t have hoverboards or flying cars, then all my childhood hopes and dreams will be crushed.

Back to the Future poster: Universal

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  1. yoyo =/ says:

    So how did you come up with such specific date?

  2. Evan Cudworth says:

    10 years ago when Avery Brooks (ST: Deep Space Nine, American History X, Spencer For Hire) was a spokesman for IBM he did a commercial asking a very similar question. I loved this commercial…where are the flying cars!?

  3. Btw I accidentally programmed it for 4:00pm instead of 4:29 (which is when Doc and Marty show up), and I’m too lazy to go change it. But I think it’s fair to say that if we don’t have flying cars and hoverboards by 4pm on Oct 21 2015, they won’t be invented and mass produced within the next half-hour.

  4. adamj says:

    All i know is that justin fn bebier or what ever the hell his name is, is rumored to be the new marty mcfly in a back to the future trilogy remake, and if it does happen i’ll prolly kill myself, so as long as this remake doesnt get made im totally fine with waiting 30 more years for a hover board.

  5. Dave N. says:

    Com’on…..we gotta start making 15 Jaws movies to catch up!!! and Holomax to boot!!!

  6. dragoncores says:

    I WANT A HOVER BOARD!!!!! that way I can be the first to wipe out on it andp ost it on the web. yay

  7. incredimarc says:

    Seriously, I’ve been planning an epic BTTF party for Oct. 21, 2015 for a few years now. I was also planning on being famous by now, but I’m encountering some minor setbacks on a few bullet points like that one.

    In any case, I need the internet to get with me on this one. We need to have Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Robert Zemeckis (or a CG mo-cap version of him), etc. etc. show up in some California Town that has a serviceable “town square” that can be dressed up to look like the “future” version of Hill Valley.

    This will be the craziest, internetiest, nostalgiaiest, explosion of pop culture America will have ever seen. Bonus guests would obviously include Crispin Glover, Thomas F. Wilson, Claudia Wells, James Tolkan, Billy Zane, Flea, and Elijah Woods. Events will inclue hydrating pizzas, hoverboarding, dropping manure on people, ordering ridiculous Pepsi products from Michael Jackson and Ronald Reagan, you know the drill.

    I don’t know what this is ( but it definitely pales in comparison to what this party will do for fans. All I need to do is start generating buzzzzz. I guess I could design a poster. That usually does the trick on the blogonet.

    Anyway, I have been thinking about this seriously for some time and the hoax from a month or two ago really pissed me off ( Why mess with it? Why? Who thought that would be a great idea?). You guys know what I’m talking about. Let’s do this. Poster for the party of your pop culture lives coming soon.

  8. the_nether says:

    Don’t forget about the piles of laser discs choking the alleys. They better start making those things again or we’ll never have enough to throw out in 2015!

  9. Matt Davidson says:

    I’m with you on that first guy. And last guy.

  10. No! Please! The hope of one day riding a Mattel hoverboard is the last glimmer of optimism I have left!

  11. DefconDan says:

    They are not crushed already? Man this guy is lucky…

    Attention fellow nerds: Can someone please crush this man’s spirit so can be one of us?

    One of Us!!! One of Us!!! One of…

  12. Furious D says:

    Wait a minute…

    You guys don’t have hoverboards and flying cars yet?

  13. Aoife says:

    Love this!
    Can’t wait for my flying car!