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Where to Find WONDER WOMAN Merchandise Fit for an Amazon

I’m sorry to say you can’t run away to Themyscira after seeing Wonder Woman. Even if the appeal of being in paradise among kick-ass, capable women is strong, the island doesn’t exist and hiding from the world there would go against the very message of the film. What you can do, however, is celebrate your Wonder Woman feels with merchandise.

After watching Diana take care of business, I longed to put on all things Wonder Woman. Since I’m probably not alone, I’ve rounded up a selection of swag fit for an Amazon.

Wonder Woman souvenir jacket


Her Universe and Hot Topic have a Wonder Woman collection with this stunning and versatile souvenir jacket (that, by the way, is lightweight enough to don once in a while if you happen to live in a warm climate), dresses, and other subtly stylish items. See the entire collection here.

Arm yourself


Want to carry around a symbol that reminds you to fight like Wonder Woman? Love and Madness has a necklace with Athena’s sword in black, gold, or silver plated brass.

Bag it up


Box Lunch has a Wonder Woman cosmetic bag set–please note the shield design on the pouch. Split these items up to use as a wristlet and coin purse.


Peter Pan and Wonder Woman

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Peter Pan and Wonder Woman isn’t an off-the-wall ship; it’s a fashion statement. Add this collar by Sam Mercer to dresses or tees for instant Amazonian flair.

Tiara time


If you want a Wonder Woman tiara to wear whenever you damn well please, you can get one from SuperHeroStuff.

Statement necklace


While you’re shopping at SuperHeroStuff, you can get this bold Wonder Woman collar necklace.

Symbol strong

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If you want to lean into more subtle territory with your Wonder Woman jewelry, My Geek Husband has handmade silver designs that might be to your taste.

Cute and sassy

Dress up your lapel, denim jacket, what-have-you with a cute Wonder Woman pin from YFL ART.



Keep your bracers, tiara, and all the essentials at your side with this Wonder Woman purse by Bioworld. You can snag it at Amazon.

Three piece shoes


Hot Topic has Wonder Woman shoes you can style three different ways. You can choose the more everyday boot look above, or go full Amazon and extend them up to your knees. Details here.

Have you been able to lasso any spectacular Wonder Woman merchandise? Share links in the comments or come talk to us on Twitter at @nerdist and @amy_geek.

Featured Image: Hot Topic and Love and Madness

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