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Where Can You Watch Your Favorite NBC Shows This Fall?

“It has begun,” said every television reporter this morning when NBC kicked off a week of official announcements in the annual event known as upfronts, the yearly conference week where networks reveal their falls slates to advertisers. Over the next few days, if you look around Nerdist, you’ll be able to find new trailers for a plethora of series, but what brings us to right now is the schedule itself and where you, you lovely viewer of television, can see all your favorite NBC shows this fall (not including Community; that one has been lifted to the heavenly ethers of syndication).

Currently, the NBC fall schedule plays out as follows:


8/7c: The Voice

10/8c: The Blacklist (State of Affairs beginning Nov. 17)


8/7c: The Voice

9/8c: Marry Me (NEW)

9:30/8:30c: About a Boy

10/9c: Chicago Fire


8/7c: The Mysteries of Laura (NEW)

9/8c: Law & Order: SVU

10/9c: Chicago P.D.


8/7c: The Biggest Loser

9/8c: Bad Judge (NEW)

9:30/8:30c: A to Z (NEW)

10/9c: Parenthood


8/7c: Dateline NBC

9/8c: Grimm

10/9c: Constantine (NEW)


8/7c: Sunday Night Football

When State of Affairs takes over for The Blacklist in November, it will be done to allow a new show to have the post-The Voice slot, which is how NBC has launched its last two highest rated dramas (The Blacklist and Revolution). The James Spader drama will then receive the post-Super Bowl treatment before moving to Thursday in mid-season (more about that in a second).

As this is the final season for Jason Katims’ Parenthood, the series will be running its 13-episode order straight through from September to the end of the year, and will be replaced by new series Allegiance (NBC’s highest scoring drama pilot in testing) in the mid-season.

Speaking of Thursday, the keen observer will notice NBC has cut its Thursday night comedy offerings by 50% heading into next season. This ties back into The Blacklist moving off Mondays. Since NBC wants to move the heavy-hitter drama to that night, it needed to make room, and thus comedy had to be spread thinner within the schedule.

As for all those comedies, some have a place on the schedule right now and some don’t. But fret not: What’s been ordered thus far (Parks & Rec) WILL make an appearance on your television screens, we just don’t know where and when at this point, so don’t set your remotes on fire just yet, people.

Friday has remained relatively untouched, as the Peacock wants to keep with the genre theme on the night with Grimm and new offering Constantine. Here’s hoping the Hellblazer adaptation has better luck in the slot than Dracula did this past season.

The night that’s been left completely unspoken for following the fall is Sunday. While certainly a hard night to compete in for broadcast thanks to basic cable and HBO, NBC showed this season they badly want a series airing on the night. While Believe and Crisis ultimately didn’t succeed, don’t put it past NBC to try another scripted series later in the season. New series that have yet to find a home on NBC’s schedule include Odyssey, Mission Control, One Big Happy, Mr. Robinson, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Emerald City, Aquarius, and Heroes Reborn, all potential Sunday fodder for the network.

It seems NBC is all about schedule re-invention this season. What do you guys think? What are you looking forward to next season? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. TJ Heesch says:

    NBC…Nothing But Crap…

  2. TJ Heesch says:

    uh…they renewed HANNIBAL…so, where is it on this schedule? quit fucking with us, NBC! 🙂

    • Merrill Barr says:

      Hannibal is a mid-season series. We won’t know about its return till later in the year.

  3. Shayde says:

    Wow.. NBC has whittled my shows down to one. Well, two if you count SNL. Way to go guys!

  4. cardsfanbj says:

    Not sure if I’m gonna bother with Constantine. Don’t want to give them my viewing numbers since they canceled Community.

  5. Nathaniel H says:

    They canceled Community?  But… we were SO close to Six Seasons and a Movie!  SO close!  All right… time to start the petitions… and this time, I think IFC may be an excellent choice for network to save Community.  Petition time?

    • cardsfanbj says:

      Because an internet petition has ever done anything ever…
      I’d guess Comedy Central would be the best place for Community to go. 
      They already have it running syndicated and they did a great job with Futurama in my opinion. 
      Plus, more people are going to have Comedy Central than are going to have IFC.

      • Merrill Barr says:

        A pick-up elsewhere has less to do with desire from other networks that it does with a rather complex deal the shows has with Hulu. That’s the major hurtle that almost no one thinks it will pass.

  6. boB says:

    Nowhere, because they cancelled Community.