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What’s It Like To Wear Google Glass? Here’s A Video


For those of you impatient to try Google Glass, Google has posted this video of what it’s like to wear a pair. I assume you wouldn’t hear that music playing behind everything in real life. And, since it’s voice-activated (“OK, Glass”), you’d spend a lot of time talking to your glasses, which would appear to others to be strange, but maybe we’re used to people walking around using Bluetooth and appearing to talk to themselves.

Anyway, taking video, which is most of this, is no big deal, but being able to get your flight information while running towards a gate, or getting a translation on the spot, or just looking stuff up… those could be useful.

And you have until February 27th to tell Google what you’d do if you had Glass, to get into what is really a beta test that you’ll pay $1,500 plus tax to enter. If you get picked, you can buy a pair (you’ll have to go to a special “pick-up experience” in New York, L.A., or San Francisco). Only 8.000 people will be selected. Do you want to be an early adopter?

HT: Charlene Jimenez

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  1. Stupid Name says:

    @Shayde- yep. It won’t take long 4 the freaks 2 use this 1. Plus all the pedophiles and genius ppl (that post when they beat some1 up) to start sharing.

    argh. Well, porn helped out VHS beat Beta. Maybe Porn will help Google Glass…… Only ppl making porn have 1500 to blow on glasses. That and some celeb who wants to make another sex tape…. ???

  2. Shayde says:

    One word… Porn.

  3. JackAttack! says:

    Notice they didn’t show what one looks like wearing said glasses.

  4. Vince says:

    Way too expensive for such a minor convenience.
    As for the wearing with regular glasses, I would assume they’ll probably put out a clip-on version.

  5. Kevin Clem says:

    Dear Nerdist,

    Can I have $1500?

    thank you,

  6. Cardsfanbj says:

    As cool as they are, $1,500 is WAY too much.
    Also, as a current glasses wearer, I’m sure it wouldn’t be comfortable wearing both my Rx glasses and Google’s. Plus the fact that I’m near sighted, I couldn’t focus on the projected screen while trying to see through my glasses at other stuff. Fourthly, glasses aren’t comfortable to wear 16/7 (off for the 8 hours sleeping), especially with the added weight a battery would add to the glasses.

  7. candy cane says:

    Why would I want to pay Google to see more of their nonsensical world domination 24/7?

  8. Albert says:

    I would try to make programs with it so that glass would be able to pick up body language of people and let the user know the probability of what the person that they are talking to is feeling.

  9. RG says:

    I’m sure this’ll be a great opportunity for me to be able to show people what it’s like to have a great big Jewish nose in frame all the time.