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What’s Free This Month: Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, Rayman Legends

Oh boy! The AAA titles that we’ve all been waiting for since Microsoft launched Games with Gold are finally here, and it’s got me moaning as loudly as Lara Croft when she gets impaled by a tree!

Let me turn things down a notch, though, and give you Microsoft’s March line-up of free games! Starting now until March 15, our lovely lady Lara Croft will be free for the taking; well, sort of. Xbox Live Gold members can now score a copy of Tomb Raider for the Xbox 360. If you’ve been living in the dark depths of an abyss, Tomb Raider is a retelling and reimagining of the famed heroine as she becomes the archaeologist-adventurer we all grew up with– minus the triangle boobs. It’s a great game with a fresh perspective of a beloved character and is worth the free download!

If you’re looking for another ruggedly striking hero who is male, you’ll have to wait until March 16th. The wait is definitely worth it, however, as BioShock Infinite is free for Xbox 360 players with Gold subscriptions. And while I would love to yell “CATCH!” at you and toss you a free copy, I don’t have the power to conjure por… Well, let me avoid the spoilers here and just say I’m not Elizabeth, nor are her abilities within my paygrade. Get the game when it becomes free at the latter end of March and play it nonstop! You’ll be captivated by the storyline and then you’ll hate yourself a bit for finishing it so quickly.

For Gold members on the Xbox One, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about you either: prepare to jump into the fantastical world of Rayman Legends! Play with yourself, or better yet, with your friends, as you jump, run, and beat your way through timed levels, challenges, and fun madness! You can grab your copy for free now until the end of March.

Unfortunately, Sony has yet to reveal what their free PS Plus games will be for March. It could be because of the announcement of PlayStation Now adding more titles to their catalog, or that they’re gearing up for something big this week with GDC and PAX East both taking place.

PlayStation players, hold onto your horses for now, and we’ll be sure to update you when any news breaks on PS offerings.

[HT: Major Nelson]

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  1. The PSPLUS free games are as follows:
    PS4 – Valiant Hearts: The Great WarOddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New ‘n’ Tasty
    PSVita – CounterSpyOlliOlli 2

  2. fiend says:

    what are MS poaying you? This tomb raider is the worst of the whole series since the 90s.. You should be ashamed to write such lies. This is the problem with you “gaming journos” The fact you dont know WTF you are talking about and then you shill the games off for money…. kill yourself

    • Tim says:

      Trolling much? I mean, you can’t possibly be serious right? See, I can say “I love Tomb Raider” because I do, and that game isn’t bullshit like all of the other games. So now we have one vote for, and one vote against. Would you like a refund for your free game? Checks in the mail! I think the journalist is brilliant! Maybe stop for one second, think about what saying to someone “kill yourself” really entails and DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE!

    • hugh says:

      @fiend, I luv Tomb Raider. Its a super high quality game, with a great atmosphere, very immersive. Metacritic scores it high 80s on all platforms. Deffo trolling.

    • Poindexter says:

      You’re just mad Lara’s polygonal boobs aren’t giant like they were in previous versions.  Probably still searching for the “nude code” as well.

    • Logan says:

      Just another angry “gamer gate” guy. Hit all the talking points.

    • Nich Hustler says:

      @fiend yowsers easy bud. Tomb Raider was a good game, with some of the most satisfying shooting and action I played in 2013.

      You’re entitled to your opinion, of course you are. But come on man, easy on the personal insults. I’m sure you can do better than this.