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What Will Red Skull Do After INFINITY WAR?

The Red Skull is now free to move about the country. Or the galaxy. Presuming, of course, he can get his creepy hands on a space ship (or Space Stone).

Avengers: Infinity War is finally available on Blu-ray and Digital HD, which has led to a deluge of brand new easter eggs, fan theories, and feverish speculation about what will happen to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the wake of Thanos’ dastardly deeds. One of Infinity War‘s coolest “oh snap” moments, apart from that snap, was finally finding out what happened to the Red Skull after the Tesseract blasted him into space at the end of his fist fight with Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger. As it turns out, the Red Skull was doomed to an eternity of serving as a tour guide on Vormir to all those who came in search of the Soul Stone. But now that that nasty business is done with, it appears as though the Red Skull is free to go on a galactic walkabout, according to the film’s directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

Editor’s note: This video contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and possibly Avengers 4.

During an online Infinity War watchalong, the Russo Brothers answered a particularly intriguing question from Twitter user StrangeCode18. Their answer, though, raises a whole host of possibilities for Phase IV of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond:

With the Red Skull out there in the cosmic wind, he could feasibly emerge as a new threat for the Avengers to deal with once they figure out a way to undo the Snapture. Adding further credence to this theory is the high probability that Steve Rogers, whom we were all positive would perish in Infinity War, will die for real in Avengers 4 trying to defeat Thanos. Once Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and Shuri figure out a way to wake Bucky Barnes up from his dirt nap, the chances are high that Bucky will be the next person in line to wield the shield. And who better to bring back as Bucky-Cap’s first real threat than a cosmic-powered Red Skull?

Given the Red Skull’s obsession with the Cosmic Cube in the comics (which has been seemingly replace by the Tesseract in the movies), it’s likely that he’ll be the next person to try and get hold of the MCU’s cosmic mancala beads after Thanos loses possession of them. Of course, Red Skull still has one major problem: he’s trapped on Vormir. With no Infinity Stones and no spaceship of which to speak, the chances are slim that we’ll actually see him rear that ugly red head of his anytime soon. But as Infinity War taught us, anything is possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe–especially the unexpected.

What do you think? Will Red Skull find his way off Vormir to battle the Avengers? Will he get his hands on the Tesseract again? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Marvel

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