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What PULP FICTION Would Look Like as a ’70s Sitcom

If you ever wondered what Quentin Tarantino’s dark comedy (yes, it’s a comedy not an action movie) Pulp Fiction would look like as a Garry Marshall sitcom, you’re in luck because Las Vegas-based video editor Robert Jones cooked up a special treat just for you. The piece is called “Pulpy Days” and yes, it’s a mash-up of Happy Days and Pulp Fiction.

The creator brilliantly cut together scenes from Pulp Fiction and set it to the tune of the Happy Days theme song. Its hard to say whether the result is hilarious or chilling. There’s nothing quite like seeing Mia Wallace have an adrenaline shot plunged into her chest or Vincent Vega accidentally blow a guys brains out to some pretty snappy music. You can almost hear the laugh track. *shudders*

Grab yourself a milkshake, and a Royale with Cheese and check out the glorious concoction down below.

Though the two couldn’t be more different content-wise, there’s something about the upbeat tunes that mesh well with Tarantino’s blood-soaked film–especially the dance scenes. It definitely makes you wish you could check out the crazy antics Vincent, Jules and Mia Wallace get up to every week.

Pulp Fiction not your thing? Jones’ YouTube channel also has entertaining cross overs like: Friends and Guardian’s of the Galaxy, the Star Wars Trilogy and The Greatest American Hero, and even Golden Girls and Orange is the New Black.

Does this video convince you that Pulp Fiction would have made an awesome television show? What other TV/film combos would you want to see? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Orionsangel says:

    Stay tuned for more Pulpy Days.

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