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WESTWORLD Season 2 Finale Images Promise a Major Meetup in the Park

HBO knows how to promote their shows without giving much away, which is why it would be easy to look at the newest batch of images from Westworld‘s upcoming 90-minute season two finale and think they don’t really offer much about what will happen. But while these photos from “The Passenger” don’t reveal much about the plot by themselves, who they show and where they take place point to just how explosive things could get when the story’s major players meet in the park.

Last week’s post-credits teaser includes numerous timelines and locations, including plenty of big moments inside the park’s offices.

These latest images however are all connected by one very telling aspect: they are all out in the park, where we know William and Dolores will eventually meet, and where we will finally find out why so many hosts were found floating dead in the season premiere.

No human is safe when Hector and Armistice are back out in the Old West, and we see them both with their guns ready.

Could they be aiming at William, seen here in a prone, unarmed position?

But while we knew we’d see the Man in Black, we’re thrilled to see Zahn McClarnon’s Akecheta will also return. The last we saw of Ghost Nation, Teddy was letting Akecheta’s friend escape after he stood up to Dolores. Who will Akecheta side with when the time comes to possibly escape this wrong world? Exactly how big a role will he play in the host bloodbath to come?

Whatever happens, Dolores looks worse for it, as this shot of her with a bloodied face and chest confidently riding her horse shows. Is this her on her way into the Forge, where she was seen in the post-credits teaser? Is that not actually her own blood?

The most important figure in everything that happens might be Bernard, since he could be the only one who can ultimately broker some kind of peaceful resolution. Before that, how much responsibility if any will he have on his hands?

None of these pictures on their own tell us a lot, but put together they place the focus of this episode right in the heart of the park itself as multiple story lines finally coalesce. We know a whole lot of hosts will soon be dead, but how many of the people pictured here will the body count include?

What do you think of these images? Give us your best theories in the comments below.

Images: HBO

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