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Whose Souls Did Dolores Save on WESTWORLD?

Captivating, confusing, and narratively dissatisfying, Westworld‘s second season finale left viewers with more questions than answers. Season three is still a long way off, and knowing this show, there’s no guarantee we’ll get our answers then—or maybe ever. But hey, let’s look on the bright side: that means ample time for fan theories and wild speculation on what the show has in store. And where better to start than a list of which shiny, spherical souls Dolores-as-Charlotte might have seen fit to smuggle off the island?

Now, before I provide my totally unscientific assessment of who Dolores the Deathbringer wants on her side, I need to clarify a couple things. First, hosts who made it to the Valley Beyond will not be coming along for the ride. (Look, I love Teddy too, but we can all agree the sweetest and softest of cowboys deserves a break, right?) Second, while Felix and Sylvester may be salvaging “the hosts worth saving,” I take that to mean the hosts’ bodies, not their code. If that eventually leads to multiple Thandies Newton, I’m not going to complain. And, lastly, when a host dies, it doesn’t carry that much weight, especially if that host is a fan favorite or a largely hidden gem (hi, Angela!).

Okay, on with the reckoning.


Maeve is Westworld’s MVP. (I will hear no argument.) Nolan, Joy & Co. can’t let their most compelling character go to waste because of something as inconsequential as a few gunshot wounds. Obviously, the ideological differences between Maeve and Dolores are plentiful, but Maeve is no fan of humans, and she’s completed the one task that was keeping her in Westworld. With her daughter safe and sound in the Valley Beyond, it’ll be high time for her to take on another mission.


But hey, Maeve isn’t going to be easily swayed, so let’s do some wishful thinking and say Dolores understands the value of a good bargaining chip, especially when that bargaining chip is a devilishly handsome sharpshooter with a killer soundtrack. If Dolores does something as altruistic as bringing Hector back for Maeve’s sake, then maybe Maeve will be more amenable to bringing some death.


Zombie Clementine proved to be a powerful asset to Dolores in the early going of season two, and now that Dolores has a better handle on how to manipulate humans and hosts alike, she should be able to regain Clem’s loyalty.


Let’s take a journey back to season one, when Dolores and William rode alongside a notorious outlaw who proved to be more than met the eye. Season two only added to Lawrence’s complexity, showing just how far he’d go to save his family. He even teamed up with the Man in Black, so we know he’s willing to join forces with past allies–not necessarily eager to, but willing nonetheless. Dolores would be lucky to count him as an asset. Also, bonus points for not dying onscreen just yet!


Speaking of dying onscreen, let’s not count out Dolores doing a favor for her dearly departed ally, one of the deadliest and best-dressed hosts who accompanied her throughout a handful of episodes. She’s good with a gun, she has a knack for deception, and she takes orders without asking questions. Who wouldn’t want a soldier like her on their side?

Which hosts do you think made the cut? Let us know in the comments!

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