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Things Look Bleak for Everyone in New Images From the Next WESTWORLD

Last week’s Westworld ended with the shocking return of Ford–kinda. Was that actually him, or merely his consciousness? Was Bernard experiencing some sort of pre-programmed virtual reality, or another time jump? Is any of it even real? No matter who or what Ford turns out to be, new images from this Sunday’s episode suggest his reappearance will be a harbinger of bad things to come for everyone else.

The new episode, titled “Les Écorchés (which is French for “a painting or sculpture of a human figure with the skin removed to display the musculature”), promises lots of big moments based on last week’s post-credits tease.

We won’t have to wait long to learn more about why Bernard sees Ford at the piano in the Sweetwater saloon, which is reminiscent of last week’s meeting between Dolores and the new, evil Teddy.

Ford has been ever present throughout this season, both for setting the robot uprising in motion and with how he has seemingly spoken to the Man in Black through the hosts, but this is something much bigger. Based on how many different characters and plot lines are included in this batch though, this will be another sprawling episode like last Sunday’s was. The closer we get to the season finale the more the different threads are beginning to converge.

And that doesn’t look good for anyone, including Maeve who found her “daughter,” only to learn she’s no longer her mother. She doesn’t appear much happier this week.

Things look so dire for Charlotte in the teaser and in this image she might hit a major turning point herself as she learns more of the truth of what is happening.

Stubbs doesn’t look much happier with the current state of things either.

Speaking of dire straights, what is it that has the Man in Black so worried here? His daughter is notably absent from any promotional items for this episode.

Out of everyone though we might be most worried for Elsie, because if Ford is still in control he could unleash Bernard on her when she “wakes” him up. We know from his own flashbacks Bernard was willing to kill for that little brown ball that might be Ford. If Bernard is merely a pawn in the game how long can Elsie safely be around him?

Pretty bleak. Who would have thought that the amoral monster with the God-complex coming back would be bad news. :checks notes: Oh, yes, everyone.

What do you make of these images? We want to host your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: HBO

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