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We’re Ready to Believe You, Again!

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, you are an attractive lady. Let’s also say you offer me an ultimatum: I either get to have sex with you, or we watch Ghostbusters in theaters. I’ll have sex with you, but only after I debate the opportunity costs for what I will assume would be an hour plus. I mean, come on, Ghostbusters on the big screen! Unless you live in a city with a thriving art house scene, you never get to do that. According to Digital Spy, I don’t need to worry about making such a hypothetical choice. Starting on Halloween, Ghostbusters¬†will be re-released in theaters worldwide in digitally remastered wonderfulness. So, if you’re a fan of ‘bustin’, and who isn’t, get ready to sneak in some discounted candy and try not to recite all the lines too loud.

[via Digital Spy]

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  1. Waldo says:

    Do not sit in the front row . You might get slimmed.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Actually, I would love for this to be a regular event. I would love to see “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, “Company of Wolves” and “House” on the big screen.

  3. Gabriel says:

    I really hope that this is wide release. I saw the original when it was first released. I would love to see it on the big screen again.

  4. Excellent article, Matt – thank You for spreading the gospel!

  5. Theo Macdonald says:

    I live in Wellington, New Zealand, and last year I saw Ghostbusters, The Goonies and Gremlins on the big screen, original prints. It was amazing, and so cool that these vintage copies of classics get around. This year a different Wellington cinema showed Lawrence of Arabia and Dr Zhivago (both using 1990s prints).

  6. Lokey says:

    Can’t wait!! If they opened that showing of Ghostbusters with the Jack Black & Mos Def “Be Kind, Rewind” version of Ghostbusters…it would make my life.

  7. Jilliana says:

    A buddy of mine with a big yard bought a used projector a few years back and hosted an outdoor movie night for one summer. First on the list was Ghostbusters. It was awesome to watch it on a fairly big screen while sitting on a blanket under the stars.

    In an actual theater sounds even better though.

  8. Matthew Burnside says:

    @Linnea – Girlfriend? Hahaha! You’re silly!

  9. Linnea says:

    If your girlfriend doesn’t want to go with you to see Ghostbusters in theaters and then have sex with you later, then you aren’t dating the right kind of girl.

  10. Michelle says:

    The flaw in this hypothetical is that the ultimatum would be “take me to see Ghostbusters, then we’ll have sex.”

  11. Hickspy says:

    Bustin’ makes me feel goooood.

  12. Robin Burks says:

    This is where I show my age. I saw both Ghostbusters movies in the theater when they were originally released. However, seeing it again in the theater? Major score.

  13. QueenGeekKeri says:

    Ghostbusters rule. I’ll even have sex in the theater while watching it. Best of both scenarios.

  14. Magnoliafan says:

    What no 3D?

  15. Darin Lester says:

    I’m lucky enough to live in the Twin Cities, and we have a theater called The Uptown that loves to show older films. In the last two months, I have seen Big Trouble in Little China and Die Hard, but my favorite time was seeing Ghostbusters on the big screen for the first time late last year. Seeing my childhood memories and probably my favorite film up there was amazing. I fully encourage anyone out there who is a fan to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.