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We’re Getting the BOURNE 5 Trailer During the Super Bowl

February 7, 2016 marks this year’s Super Bowl, the 50th iteration of the game and one of the consistently most-watched television events, ever. And while half the audience will be watching to see who wins between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, the other half will be waiting for the commercials to see the new trailer premieres. One of those trailers will be Matt Damon returning (FINALLY!) as Jason Bourne in Bourne 5.

It makes sense that the franchise’s biggest star returning to one of his biggest roles would be seen on the biggest night in sports-and-TV. And he’s not the only one: also returning will be director Paul Greengrass, who helmed Damon’s last two installments, Supremacy and Ultimatum. Unfortunately for some, though, there won’t an Avengers-style team-up, as Jeremy Renner‘s Aaron Cross will not be featured.

Julia Stiles will be reprising her role as Nicky Parsons, and rounding out the cast will be Tommy Lee Jones and Vincent Cassel.

The plot of the movie is still unknown, but—according to Slashfilm—Bourne’s latest adventure will take him to locations ranging from Athens to Las Vegas. Regardless of where he ends up, Bourne is more than likely going to 1.) kick some major butt, 2.) create a LOT of property damage with whatever vehicle he happens to be driving, and 3.) talk to someone using a burner phone (or twelve).

After all, we’ve already seen what Damon can do against Mars, so going against some government agents again should be a piece of cake.

Bourne 5, or whatever it ends up being called, opens in theaters July 29, 2016.

So what do you think? Are you excited for Matt Damon’s return to the Bourne franchise? Do you think he’ll have to science the you-know-what out of some bad guys? Let me know on Twitter sound off in the comments below.

HT: Slashfilm
IMAGE: Universal Pictures

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