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“Weird Al” Yankovic Announces First New Album in Three Years

After 2011’s Alpocalypse, “Weird Al” Yankovic has been relatively quiet about his next album. Sure, he’s hinted here and there, but there hadn’t been anything concrete about what would be next for the song parody master, outside of his appearances in web series like Puddin and 5 Second Films.

Then, this past weekend, Yankovic tweeted this semi-cryptic announcement:


Luckily, he didn’t keep us guessing for long and followed up with this much more declarative tweet:


After a three-year wait, “Weird Al” will officially have a new batch of song parodies for us to savor. Mandatory Fun‘s cover art features Al as a decorated Soviet general leading his very own army, complete with tanks and fighter planes. Considering the horses-riding-through-fire cover for his last album, Alpocalypse, Al seems to be following a motif of silly destruction, which is fitting for a song parodist.

We also have a little teaser info from Patton Oswalt. Before taking his summer off social media, Oswalt tweeted the following:


Do you have any idea what band Oswalt could be talking about? What other artists do you think would or could be on Mandatory Fun? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m wondering if “Mandatory Fun” is a head nod to a Fun. parody.

  2. Jussi Lamberg says:

    Now this is just a guess… Laibach? They have always been famous for their Soviet and nazi PR style imagery and I also found a tweet by Patton back in 2011 in which he mentioned them.  Also, it would make sense to cover them now since Laibach has just released a new album after a 7 year break and they’ve also got to publicity with their soundtrack to the 2012 film “Iron Sky”.