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“Weird Al” Joins COMEDY BANG! BANG! as New Band Leader

How can you make one of the weirder comedies on one of the weirder television stations even weirder? You go out and get the man known for, and by, the very word itself: you bring “Weird Al” on as the newest cast member.

IFC has announced that “Weird Al” Yankovic will be joining the cast of Comedy Bang! Bang! as the show’s bandleader and co-host. The scripted, surreal, self-proclaimed “hipster” comedy talk show stars Scott Aukerman as host, and “Weird Al” will be his third bandleader.

He will be replacing Kid Cudi, who joined the show after the original bandleader Reggie Watts left to lead James Corden’s band on The Late Late Show.

“Weird Al” has been on the show multiple times already, sometimes as himself, and sometimes as an absurd character. It’s safe to say that this seems like an inspired casting choice, and even though he’s known for his music career, “Weird Al” is a pretty funny actor as well.

I imagine some fans that never got on board with Kid Cudi taking over for Reggie Watts will be happy with this news, but I enjoyed Cudi on the show. He helped give it a kick in the pants it needed, and he’s a fun presence who never felt outmatched by the show’s silliness. At times it felt like the writers didn’t give him enough to do, but that’s not his fault.

So I am bummed to see Cudi go, but at least his replacement is the perfect person for the role. The new episodes with “Weird Al” are expected to start airing in the spring.

What do you make of this news Comedy Bang! Bang! fans? Tell us below.

HT: Variety
Image: IFC

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