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Weird Al Had Lin-Manuel Miranda Join Him On Stage To Sing “Yoda”

Look, here you are visiting us, reading a story on Nerdist, which means the odds that you like Weird Al Yankovic are much (much) higher than the average person. The same goes for Star Wars, as well as for the musical Hamilton and its creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. These are all wonderful, nerdy people and things that we hold dear. So we’re going to guess this story that manages to combine all of them will be something that warms your nerd soul.

Last night at his concert in New York, Weird Al surprised his audience by calling out Miranda to give him some quick assistance with the chorus of his song “Yoda,” his Star Wars parody of The Kinks famous hit “Lola.” Miranda ran out on stage, sang a few bars, and disappeared as quickly as he arrived, like a shooting star of nerddom nirvana. (Weird Al had previously visited him for a Hamilton pre-show number.)

We first came across this cool bits of news at Vulture, and we’re grateful to YouTube channel hellspawn3000 for sharing the video with the world.

If you think you got a kick out of this, that’s nothing compared to Miranda’s reaction, since apparently “Yoda” has held a special place in his heart for a long time.

That guy wrote and starred in one of the most successful musicals of all time, and screaming out “Yoda” at a Weird Al concert is the best moment of his life. Heck, he literally wrote and performed an actual song for an actual Star Wars movie (“Jabba Flow” from The Force Awakens), but just being a big goober fan trumps that.

No wonder why we love him so much–he is truly one of us. And just in case we didn’t know that, here’s how he described watching his “Yoda” performance.

Stop. Just stop. Our nerd souls are full.

What other Weird Al song would you love to hear Lin-Manuel Miranda sing on? Tell us your best suggestion in the comments below.

Image: hellspawn3000/YouTube

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