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We Want to Play This 8-Bit Version of KILL BILL Right Now

Oh CineFix, sometimes you know just the right nostalgia buttons to push…

For those unaware, over the past few months, the CineFix has been putting out 8-bit versions of some of our favorite films including Iron Man 3, Forrest Gump and Donnie Darko, but the one they’ve released today might take the cake: 8-bit Kill Bill.

Oh, now that is some sweet, bloody joy right there.

Something that’s always been fascinating about Kill Bill is the way Tarantino describes it in context with the rest of his film universe. According to the director, Kill Bill doesn’t actually take place in his universe’s sequence of events, but rather it’s a film his characters are watching at their cinemas (he described From Dusk Till Dawn the same way), thus explaining why it’s – arguably – the most violent film in the filmmakers canon. So what we’re wondering now is, would this be the video game adaptation his characters would be playing? Probably not: if only because there simply isn’t enough blood and guts to justify the Tarantino name.

But now for a new question: what would a Tarantino video game actually look like? Would it be a meta-take on the medium itself? Would it contain call backs to past games? Imagine the possibilities!

What do you think of Kill Bill: 8-Bit Edition? Would you want to play an actual Tarantino created video game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Keith says:

    If it’s using the SNES controller, wouldn’t that make it a 16-bit game?

    • Ian Howlett says:

      The aesthetics are 8-bit, so that rubbed me a little the wrong way too, perhaps there should be a 16-bit remake, a la Super Mario Bros All Stars? 
      Otherwise it looks awesome.

  2. Johnny says:

    We’ll probably never know.  Tarantino hates video games.