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We Are Family: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Dance It Out in SISTERS Teaser

We know it’s only January, but thanks to the newly released teaser of Sisters, starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, we are officially counting down the days until Christmas 2015.

The 20-second clip aired during last night’s Golden Globes ceremony—which was HIGH-LARIOUS!!, by the way—and tells the story about two adult sisters who are forced to return to their parents’ home and clean out their childhood bedroom. Not content to simply wade through boxes of Caboodles and batons, the women decide to throw one more epic rager before the house gets sold.

The movie is directed by Jason Moore, responsible for Pitch Perfect and the upcoming sequel, and written by Saturday Night Live scribe Paula Pell, who just so happens to be besties with Fey and Poehler.


Sisters marks the second big-screen collaboration between the Golden Globes presenters; the first being 2008’s Baby Mama, which was written by another SNL alumni, Michael McCullers, who also directed the film. Truth be told, we thought parts of the movie were definitely entertaining, but the comedy left much to be desired.

In other words, we’re over the moon to see these illegally talented women team back up together for what we can only hope is ultimate cinematic glory.

Before we spend the next four hours perfecting our side-ponytail skills (see above photo), let’s all take a minute to bask in the grandeur of last night’s Golden Globes’ opening monologue.

To join the family and keep track of all important related (get it?) updates, follow the movie on Twitter at @SistersMovie.

[H/T: Baby Center]

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