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Watch Two Grown Adult Men Play Slayer on Tiny Pink Musical Instruments

Another one to fall under the heading of “Why the Hell Not?” we find today in our midst a video to combine propulsive speed metal, things meant for Ages 3-8 being used by people at least three times that (I’m being generous), and proving once again that fun and talented folks will always find time to share those things with the internet. Have you always wanted to see two adults play the heaviest of metal on the tiniest and pinkest of musical instruments?

Well, your prayers have been answered thanks to two fellas from Pasquale Custom Guitars who decided to perform the drum and guitar parts of a Slayer song on tiny pink entries from their First Act line of quality instruments for youngins. None of those crappy plastic numbers here.

As you can see, those instruments seem to be withstanding the force of the rocking just fine, though the head of one of the drums seems to be coming off a bit, and the stuffed pony or unicorn with the microphone seems to have passed out. STILL, for playing on instruments that are meant for kids, they do a hell of a job.

Pasquale Custom Guitars make guitars in all shapes and sizes, and just to prove it’s not a one-way street, here’s video of a 9-year-old shredding on a “grown-up” one of their git-fiddles.

He makes that look way too easy. Like a regular Pete Seeger that kid. Or, an Arlo Guthrie. (I should tell you all I only know ’60s folk musicians. Is that okay?)

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  1. smartbunny says:

    I WILL NEVER LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR. I feel like you either have it or you don’t.

    • becertain says:

      It just takes dedication like anything else.  You have to really love playing to get better. I guarantee I can teach anyone who is willing to learn.