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Watch Tom Hanks Dance to ‘This is How We Do It’ Thanks to Justin Bieber (Really)

For whatever reason, Tom Hanks was at Justin Bieber’s manager’s wedding this weekend. (His name is Scooter Braun. Maybe they’re friends or maybe Hanksyboy is just that whimsical that he’d show up to a grown man named Scooter’s nuptials. Because I mean, wouldn’t you?) And, for once in his life, the Beebz did the world a kindness and uploaded a video of America’s dad onto the Internet dancing to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” And it is very, very good.

In what’s sure to be a surprise to no one, Hanks has really got some moves. Would you expect anything less from the man that brought you That Thing You Do! In addition to shaking his arms and snapping his fingers like he’s really ~living~ that Fiddler on the Roof life (while wearing a yarmulke and tallit no less!), Hanks sings along with the seminal Jordan hit and reminds us all that we may all age but we never lose our flavor. Not if we don’t want to, at least. Tom Hanks can literally do no wrong (outside of not adopting us).

And considering this is a rare moment of goodness from the young lad of swag they call Justin Bieber, we feel it necessary to thank him for this gift — arguably the best thing he’s ever done. Maybe ever in his life, but certainly in the last several years.

Watch everyone’s favorite human in video below.


What do you think of Hanksy’s moves? What song should he perform next, you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

HT: Rolling Stone

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  1. I love Tom Hanks, but no, I shant be thanking Beiber for anything. That is all.

  2. Troy James says:

    I was literally half way through this video wondering when they were going to take the camera of that old rabbi and put it on tom hanks, then I was like oh…. yea.

  3. twitter_SweetGeekling says:

    I’m no fan of the Biebs, but I do hope he’s getting his shit together.  We need more RDJs and fewer Heath Ledgers/Mitch Hedbergs/etc.