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Watch the Ultimate Wes Anderson Tribute — In Just Four Minutes!

There have been plenty of Wes Anderson viral video parodies in recent years, mashing up the filmmaker’s style with all sorts of subjects and genres. My favorite of them is Saturday Night Live‘s hilarious home-invasion horror send-up, “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders” featuring guest host Edward Norton (star of Anderson’s Moonlight Kingdom) as longtime Anderson collaborator Owen Wilson.

But since it’s usually best to let an artist speak for him or herself, the finest Anderson tribute yet has landed arrived online in the form of an academic video from Ana Romão, Heloisa Barreira, and Sofia M. Martins, that uses excerpts from all of his films to describe a style that words alone cannot. As with similar tributes to equally idiosyncratic directors like Stanley Kubrick (whose own work has served as a huge source of inspiration for Anderson), “The Wes Anderson Obsession” links similar shots and motifs from across the auteur’s oeuvre. Overheads, artifacts, close-ups of faces, sideways tracking shots, darting pans, characters gazing into camera, two-shots, underwater photography, slow-motion walks, gunplay, schedules and schematics, wristwatches, and all the assorted bric-a-brac, minutiae, and detritus that makes each of Anderson’s films a complete world unto itself.

The Wes Anderson Obsession from Ana Romão on Vimeo.

Thanks to Indiewire for tipping us off to this video, which eloquently makes the case that Wes Anderson doesn’t so much make films as he makes snow globes and popup books. Though it’s become fashionable to describe him as a hipster, doing so is a bit like dismissing the Beatles as hippies. Like the best artists, Anderson doesn’t really follow, belong to, or even anticipate trends. He simply follows his muse.

How about you guys — what are your favorite moments from Wes Anderson’s movies? Let us know below!

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