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Watch the JAWS 19 Trailer in This Amazing BACK TO THE FUTURE Promo

Another day closer to Doc, Marty, and Jennifer arriving from the past (October 21, 2015, aka “Back to the Future Day”) means another amazing promo to help celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of the original film. This time it’s a trailer for Jaws 19, the holographic shark that scared Marty in Back to the Future Part II.

I’m sure you remember it, but it’s still great to re-watch.

Directed by Max Spielberg the tag for Jaws 19 says, “This time it’s really, really personal.”

This is amazing, but that is exactly what the movie predicted!


So if Marty learned about this film so long ago, why did we only get four Jaws movies?

Here’s my best guess: Doc got tired of the smell in the Old West (because everyone hates the smell of manure), so he started time-hopping again. And at some point there was a break in the timeline, which is why we never actually got Jaws 5 through Jaws 18. Fortunately, he did manage to grab the trailer for Jaws 19 so we could help celebrate our favorite time traveling film now, in the present, as we know it. You know, the one (sigh) without hoverboards.

Make sure you watch the trailer to see all of the great Jaws film we’ll never know, but a couple of our personal favorites include J.A.W.S.7 (“Cyber-Jaws made you afraid to log on.”) and Jaws 15 (“Battled a Russian shark named ‘Ivan Sharkovsky.'”)

Besides this trailer and today’s news that Pepsi is releasing a new drink based on the version of their soda from the second movie, there is a new documentary about the making of the film and a special 30th anniversary Blu-Ray, featuring a brand new short film, “Doc Brown Saves the World) also being released.

All of this means “we have to go back” (to Back) to the Future!

What Jaws from 4-19 would you most want to see? Get your ideas up to 88 words per minute in the comments below.

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