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Watch The Iron Giant Wreak Havoc on The Commonwealth in this Fallout 4 Mod

Watch The Iron Giant Wreak Havoc on The Commonwealth in this Fallout 4 Mod

I’m going to rattle off some words that have no relation to one another and you tell me what comes to mind: War. Robots. Nuclear anxiety. If you thought Fallout 4 or The Iron Giant you wouldn’t be wrong! There are similarities between the game and the movie — the most obvious being pretty nuclear. On one massive hand you have a desolate apocalyptic world born from the Cold War question of: “what’s the worst case scenario if the bombs dropped?” and on the other you have a giant friendly robot prevents who that scenario from ever happening.

Fallout 4 is no stranger to mods. From smaller cosmetic changes to full-on gameplay modifications, the modding community over at NexusMods is a dedicated bunch of creatives doing fantastic work (like creating different textures for Dogmeat. Thank you.) Created by 3D artist Matthew Swanton, this particular mod replaces the enormous death machine known as Liberty Prime with the loveable automaton sent from outer space.

I have to admit, it is disconcerting to watch the Iron Giant bend down and pick up a super mutant before snapping its neck. Nothing says “ruined childhood” like watching the 50-foot giant with a heart of gold wreak havoc across the Commonwealth. But if you’re interested in downloading the mod, anyway, it’s available for PC and XBox One at the Nexus.

What do you think of this mashup? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation over at our Facebook Page.

Images: YouTube/Matthew Swanton

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