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Watch the First Trailer for FROZEN FEVER

It’s almost time to make a return trip to Arendelle. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but I’d gladly bundle up to visit Anna and Elsa again. The sisters from Frozen will star in a new short from Disney Animation titled Frozen Fever – which is appropriate since judging by the long lines to meet Anna and Elsa at Disney Parks, everyone still has Frozen fever. The short debuts on March 13 in front of the live-action Cinderella and though we’ve seen images, we finally get a sneak peek. Ahh! Watch:

As you can see, Elsa and Kristoff are planning a birthday party for Anna. The celebration looks like it’s going to be legend – wait for it – dary. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf are back but so are other familiar faces. I see Marshmallow, and I spot Oaken enjoying his sauna. But, will the party-planning go awry when Elsa catches a cold?

I’m excited we’re getting more Frozen from directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and I’m looking forward to seeing cosplayers get inspired by Anna and Elsa’s new gowns. And even though shorts aren’t very long, we’ll also get a new song by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Also, just look at that animation. Watch the trailer a second time and only look at the backgrounds. They’re absolutely lovely and so detailed. It’s like Disney’s skilled at animation or something.

Will you be making a special trip to watch Cinderella just to see Frozen Fever? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. a guy says:


  2. Sarah says:

    I’m not a big fan of the movie but if I every get marred I may have to “borrow” Elsa’s new dress

  3. Craig says:

    Nope.  I’ll be going to Cinderella because I think that looks like a pretty good quality movie.  This is just an awesome bonus!

  4. Lorene says:

    I’m already super excited for the Cinderella movie. The short looks cute, but why does our ice queen now have other powers?

    • DShabam says:

      I thought the same… but watching it again it just looks like she is using her old powers in new ways with better control, like “picking up” flowers, and transforming other items.

      • Briell says:

        There’s also a theory that Elsa doesn’t have ice powers, but seasonal powers. The ice powers manifested first as a reflection of her situation and personality, as well as the environment she lives in, and probably because she likes the cold and snow. Now that she has a handle on her life & emotions, the rest of the powers may show.