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Watch Pixar’s First Teaser Trailer for FINDING DORY

“My family! They’re out there somewhere! Have to find them!”

Disney Pixar has released the first teaser trailer for Finding Dory, the long awaited sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo, and it looks like the new journey will be sparked by, of all things, Dory actually remembering something. Well, sort of.

In the trailer, forgetful Dory seems to have some kind of actual memory about her past (“I remembered something! That’s not possible. Is it? Okay, is it like a picture, in your head?”), and with that she looks to head out on “an unforgettable adventure” to find her parents and where she comes from.

The trailer was actually posted by “Ellentube,” the YouTube channel for The Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen of course is the voice of Dory.

Pixar also has the first poster for the film, which reminds us that the ocean is a big place, so you just have to keep moving forward.


Finding Nemo is a near perfect film (and one of my all-time favorites), and this trailer immediately got to me. Within seconds of that beautiful music playing and Nemo showing genuine concern and love for his friend, I got all teary-eyed. Dory’s story has an inherent sadness to it (and now I’m getting emotional thinking about her pleading with Marlin not to leave her in the first movie), so mining her past sounds like a perfect follow-up story to tell.

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton returns to the director’s seat for this film.

Finding Dory comes out in June 17, 2016.

Images: Disney Pixar

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