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Watch Microsoft’s Xbox E3 Briefing Here Live!

Ready for a long day of gaming goodness? You’d better be, because today’s the coveted Monday before E3, which means that the video game powerhouses are coming out of the woodwork to duke it out in hopes of intriguing gamers tuning in from all over the world. First up to bat is Microsoft with the Xbox Media briefing, which is set to kick off in less than an hour from the Galen Center in downtown Los Angeles.

So what will Team Green bring to the forefront this time around? Will the Gears of War reveal be as satisfying as it was when we first caught a glimpse of it back in 2006? Will Microsoft drop any console selling announcements that will get their install base caught up with PlayStation’s? We’ll soon find out.

Not able to make it out to the LA for the media briefing? No problem! Not only can you catch the live stream for yourself right here, but you can get some insightful commentary from Dan Casey and myself as we will be live-blogging the entire show down below. Also, remember to stop back by later, as you’ll be able to catch the EA, Ubisoft, and PlayStation media briefings all here on Nerdist.

10:54: The newest Gears of War is being showcased. Looks like we have some new COGs at the helm, though I’m awaiting a Marcus Fenix cameo.

10:50: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition coming to Xbox One August 25, 2015. You can get access to the one week beta starting today.

10:45: Big mic drop by the Director of Fun over at Mojang. Minecraft on Hololens looks amazing!

10:41: Fable Legends! A free to play title coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC exclusively.

10:39: Sea of Thieves is an Xbox One Exclusive game from Rare, putting players into the grueling shared oceans of XBL

10:37: Rare Replay will take gamers back to revisit over 30 Rare classics, exclusively on the Xbox One.

10:30: Our first look at a gameplay sequence from Rise of the Tomb Raider. So much action!

10:26: Dean Hall, Day Z creator, is on stage to chat about his Xbox One Exclusive, Ion

10:25: Xbox Game Preview allows the community to play games as they progress through their development cycle. This will help indie devs gauge community feedback, and shape their game for a better final product. This starts today!

10:23: Cuphead! The look of a 1930’s cartoon and the action of a 16-bit side-scroller. I’ve played this game, and it is glorious. Nothing but boss battles, and they are Mega Man tough.

10:20: Now we’re taking a peak at Ashen, which reminds me a bit of Ico mixed with Abe’s Oddessy. I know, sounds weird, but could be rather cool.

10:19: Tacoma, an indie exploration title from Fullbright, coming in 2016.

10:16: Right now we’re getting a look at the plethora of indie titles coming to the Xbox and Windows platform.

10:14: Rainbow Six Siege is coming October 13, 2015! Additionally, purchasing the game gets you both Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 and both games are backward compatible!

10:12: Tom Clancy’s The Division will have an open beta on Xbox One exclusively, this November

10:09: Moving on to yet another trailer, The Division! Looks like this game will actually have a story within its persistence. Something Destiny struggled with.

10:08: We’re getting our first look at Dark Souls 3, by way of a cinematic trailer. The crowd likes. I like.

10:03am:Forza 6 time! They’re lowering a McClaren from the ceiling. Haha Good one Microsoft.

9:54am: Fallout 4 Mods created on the PC can be ported to the Xbox One! Lovely.

9:52am: Todd Howard is back to talk more Fallout 4. Will he announce exclusives?

9:51am: Customizable Xbox One Elite controller coming this fall.

9:47am: Retail discs will work, and you can download digital titles you already own. They won’t charge you for it. Initial selection available today. 100 titles coming this holiday season.

9:46am: Phil Spencer dropped a bombshell. XBOX ONE BACKWARD COMPATABILITY.

9:43am: A Keiji Inafune game with a scrappy girl wandering the desert and an adorable pet robot? Xbox exclusive title called Recore. Coming 2016 from Armature Studios.

9:40am: Halo 5 will contain Warzone, a 24 player massive multiplayer mode. Will be playable here at E3. Seems like Battlefield but for Halo (in a good way). (DC)

9:39AM: the Internet is hot garbage in here but this 4 player co-op campaign demo or Halo 5: Guardians looked amazing. Built for “seamless drop in, drop out gameplay.” (DC)

9:32 AM: Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries is taking the stage. Halo news? (DC)

9:30AM: It’s go time! Let’s see what they have in store… (DC)

9:26AM: We’re here at the Xbox E3 press conference. I’m not sure if everyone looks green with envy over our seats or if it’s just the neon green light bathing the entire arena. (DC)

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