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Watch Mark Hamill’s Reaction to STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI’s Title

Watch Mark Hamill’s Reaction to STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI’s Title

Folks, I’m gonna give it to you straight. If superheroes, science fiction, and science fantasy aren’t your thing, well, you might as well skip today’s installment of Movie Morsels altogether. If, however, you’re curious about what Luke Skywalker himself thinks of Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘s title, what the logo for the Black Panther movie will look like, and who just joined the casts of The Predator and Jurassic World 2 — well then, read on, my nerdy brothers and sisters…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Mark Hamill is most definitely one of us, as anyone who follows him on Twitter or watches his web series (Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest) well knows. So it’s especially fun to hear his thoughts on the title of the next Star Wars movie, especially since we’re all wondering if his Luke Skywalker will in fact be the titular Last Jedi. You can see and hear Hamill’s satisfying reaction in the video below…

[Associated Press]



Snikt! Lest anyone was still doubting they’d see an R-rated Wolverine movie in their lifetime, director James Mangold has finally confirmed for one and all that his Logan has in fact been given a rating by the MPAA prohibiting kids from seeing it in theaters without a parent or guardian present. You know, just in case its recent blood-soaked red-band trailer didn’t convince you…


Black Panther

And in other Marvel movie news… Shooting on both Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther has finally, officially begun and a new photo has leaked out from the latter film’s Atlanta set. It gives us our very first look at the movie’s logo, and, unsurprisingly, it’s pretty darn reminiscent of the title character’s comic book logo…


The Predator


And in other jungle adventure movie news… Thomas Jane is another star who loves the same genres and media we do, just as much as we do. (I still get a kick out of the Punisher fan film he made way back when.) So three cheers for Jane’s addition to the cast of Shane Black’s The Predator. This film is steadily acquiring one of the more eclectic ensembles of any franchise movie in development, including the likes of Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, and Boyd Holbrook.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Jurassic Word 2

Danielle Pineda

Hey, while we’re talking casting news… Jurassic Word 2 just got itself another female lead in the form of Danielle Pineda. Though her name might not be familiar to everyone, you’re almost sure to have seen her face if you’ve watched any TV in the last five years. Pineda currently stars in the TBS comedy The Detour, and she’s put in time on The Originals (pictured above), American Odyssey, and HBO’s High Maintenance, among other shows. But Jurassic World will be her first major movie role.


La La Land


Finally today, here’s a little something that has nothing to do with superheroes, sci-fi, or fantasy… If you’ve seen La La Land, then like half the planet you probably have “City of Stars” running on a constant loop in your head. Well, you might soon be able to see that little ear worm, as well as all of the film’s other tunes, performed live on stage. Yes, Lionsgate says they could produce a touring stage show of their Oscar contender. “If we want to do a stage show, we can do a stage show,” says the studio’s Motion Picture Group co-president Erik Feig, who referred to the Step Up franchise as a potential template to follow in moving from screen to stage. Ah, but will audiences be satisfied with other performers stepping into the roles of America’s sweethearts Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling? Hmmm…

[The Hollywood Reporter]

What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

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