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WATCH: Lost Your Head? Call SLEEPY HOLLOW’s Henry Parrish, Attorney at Law

Just in time for “Sleepy Holloween,” Fox’s hit series Sleepy Hollow has just released this new “legal ad” featuring the one and only John Noble as Henry Parrish, Esq, an attorney who is willing to wage war on your behalf. Because, as he explains, “what is war but an instrument of justice?”

Lost your head in an ancient battle? Cursed into becoming a wendigo? Possessed daughter murdered a priest? Obnoxious coven buried you alive? Pizza delivered in over 30 minutes? Your son’s doll blamed for murder? These cases and more can be handled by Mr. Henry Parrish. While some of them sound pretty familiar, one in particular, the wendigo curse, is a tease for next Monday’s episode. The reference to a succubus attempting to “suck your soul” is also a confirmed Sleepy Hollow baddie who is coming somewhere down the line… The ad features cheesy music, low quality green screen and flashing graphics — everything you would expect from a local lawyer’s commercial.

What are your thoughts, Sleepyheads? Would you hire Henry Parrish for legal council given his track record with his client Frank Irving so far? Tell is un the comments below!

For more from Henry Parrish, also known as the wonderful Mr. John Noble, listen to his episodes of the SleepyCast: The Official Sleepy Hollow Podcast discussing the season two premiere and “The Kindred” episode from earlier this season.

Sleepy Hollow, starring Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Lyndie Greenwood and John Noble, airs Monday nights on Fox and a new episode of The SleepyCast premieres the following morning on!

Image: FOX

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  1. The Insightful Panda says:

    I love how just like the show, this was charming, funny and surprisingly deep. There were some hints of Season 2 episode points in the scrolling list of ‘legal options’