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Watch Joe Manganiello and Stephen Colbert Talk DUNGEONS & DRAGONS for 10 Minutes

We already knew Joe Manganiello was a serious D&D player after he joined us for an amazing session on our series CelebriD&D, but now the entire world knows just how knowledgable he is about the game after he discussed his lifelong love of Dungeons and Dragons on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. But Manganiello and Colbert didn’t simply touch on the game—it was all they talked about for the entire 10-minute interview. Perhaps the nerdiest conversation in late night talk show history.

Colbert and Manganiello, who already has plenty of nerd cred as Justice League‘s Deathstroke, spent the entire segment completely geeking out over their obsession with the game. The segment also featured a look at Manganiello’s incredible Dungeons and Dragons-decorated basement (which apparently serves as the premier D&D headquarters in Hollywood). We can only imagine how confused some viewers must have been as the stars got into some hardcore terminology and D&D lore.

All that said, it seems there’s one thing Manganiello doesn’t know about the game that we do: Vin Diesel absolutely plays. We know because he was the first celebrity to join us for a mini-campaign.

The possibility of Stephen Colbert, Vin Diesel, the WWE’s Big Show, Taran Killam, and our latest CelebriD&D guest, Terry Crews sitting in on a campaign in Joe Manganiello’s Dungeons and Dragons sanctuaryis almost too crazy to talk about. Or rather it was before this interview.

Is this the geekiest conversation you’ve ever seen on network TV? Tell us in the comments below what else compares to it.

Featured Image: CBS

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