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Watch Insane Cut of THE WIZARD OF OZ in Alphabetical Order

There’s an old and well-known story about Mount Everest and mankind’s desire to conquer it. British mountaineer George Mallory, who died on an Everest expedition in 1924, was once asked by the New York Times why he wanted to climb the mountain.

“Because it’s there.”

That answer is all I can think as I try to figure out why someone would make a full alphabetical (I’ll explain what that means in a second) version of The Wizard of Oz. Why does this exist? Why put so much time and energy into something so strange?

Eh, why the hell not?

Made by Vimeo user Matt Bucy, this full-length re-cut of the iconic movie is completely alphabetical. Oh, yeah, you don’t know what that means. He reordered every sound and line of dialogue into alphabetical form, word-by-word.

It’s…’s weird. I realize the story of The Wizard of Oz, with a talking lion and scarecrow, a man made of metal, flying monkeys, psychedelic flowers, ruby slippers, and melting witches is trippy enough, but this looks like something you’d get if LSD itself was on LSD.

Before you watch it, Bucy warns (and it’s no joke, trust me), “This film contains extremely fast editing, flashes of light, abrupt changes in image and sound.”

If you have any kind of condition where that might cause a problem, best to stop watching after the equally alphabetized opening credits.

Like I said, weird, but strangely impressive. I feel Baxter just told me he pooped in the refrigerator and he ate the whole wheel of cheese. “I’m not even mad that’s amazing.”

What movie would you like to see cut this way? Below comments in tell the us.

Image: MGM/Bucy Matt/Vimeo

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