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Watch Hugh Jackman Steal the Show in the First Trailer for PAN

J.M. Barrie’s stories about Peter Pan have been revamped and visualized in many different ways since they were published in the early 1900s, and director Joe Wright is putting his own spin on the story and characters with Pan. The first trailer for the upcoming film has just been released, and it hints at a Peter Pan origin story. This version of Peter is an orphan and he’s taken away along with other orphans to Neverland. We don’t see much of the island, only that there’s a giant mine. Maybe they’re digging for pixie dust?

Newcomer Levi Miller stars as Peter, Garrett Hedlund is Hook (but not like the Hook we’re using to seeing in Peter Pan adaptations), Rooney Mara is Tiger Lily (yes, they’ve unfortunately whitewashed the character and her tribe), and Hugh Jackman is Blackbeard. Jackman is practically unrecognizable as the pirate, and he’s the most interesting part of the trailer. Take a look:

While the tease is light on fairies and magic, there is a gorgeous flying ship. In fact, a lot of the imagery in the trailer is lovely and eye-catching. That fits with Wright’s previous work; I’m specifically thinking of Atonement. Looks aren’t enough though and beyond the visuals, I don’t feel any particular connection to the story as presented.

Get a closer look at Pan’s primary cast in these posters:

Wright’s Pan hits theaters in July 2015.

How do you feel about the trailer for Pan? Let us know in the comments.

HT: /Film

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  1. David says:

    I would have liked to see Max Landis’ story (Nerdist Podcast: @ 48:00) made into a movie instead.

  2. Josquid says:

    Why is it when a typically white role is given to a person of color, it’s all “Fuck yeah, racial equality!” but when it’s the other way around, suddenly we’re calling it “whitewashed”? I’m sure it could be argued that the integrity of the story is compromised, but if we could maybe try and word as such, my white, male ego would really appreciate it. 

    • drewDastardly says:

      …fuck your white male ego

    • Kyle says:

      given the ratios and the limited number of non white rolls, yeah it’s not the same thing when you switch a normally white roll to one of colour as when you switch one of the few characters of colour to a white performer. 

      • Blackie Blackerson says:

        Learn to spell ROLE if you’re going to spout affirmative actions qweefs.

      • Rod says:

        It’s Called Art, therefore Art is subjective to a persons view, and no one direction can truly be right. Instead of picking something apart because of a personal disagreement with producers, directors, and casting choices attempt to view the product the way the aforementioned wished it to be viewed and give it an honest chance before shutting out art merely for your own view of snubs to the minority.

  3. summer says:

    tiger Lily is suppose to be indian!!!! 

  4. HMaffioli says:

    The original book makes several references to Hook and his past with Black Beard, but as most have never read the book I think it will be confusing. 

  5. Maybe it’s all the Jurassic World news going around, but that little boy looks just like Lex from Jurassic Park..