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Watch EA’s E3 Press Conference Live Here!

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EA may not be a big ol’ hardware manufacturer like Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft, but they do have a pedigree for producing quality when it comes to what’s most important in this highly competitive industry– the games. It’s been a long journey through anti-consumerist territory for EA, but it appears that the company has regained its footing and has been amply determined to deliver fun experiences to its fans. That said, this third-party publishing powerhouse is poised to have one of their strongest years ever in this cycle of game consoles, and we’ll be on hand to witness the madness first hand.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! You catch the live stream for yourself right above, and even receive some insightful commentary from Dan Casey and myself as we will be live-blogging the entire show down below. Also, remember to stop back by later, as you’ll be able to watch the Ubisoft and PlayStation media briefings all here on Nerdist.

Will we get some sick new details on DICE’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront title? What about a look at how far along Mirror’s Edge is? How cool would it be if the next Mass Effect title snuck its way into the conference? Are you prepared to sit through a slew of sports-related game announcements? So many questions, so little time! Let’s find out what the OGs at Electronic Arts have in store for us in 2015!

2:24 PM: What can I say about that Star Wars Battlefront footage except that it made me a believer. May the Force be with DICE. Okay, that’s all for now. See you all at the Ubisoft event!  (DC)

2:17 PM: 40-player limit isn’t terrible, but I was really hoping for 64-player matches in Star Wars Battlefront. There is still single-player in terms of missions, as well as split-screen co-op, so that’s nice. Now for some gameplay on Hoth, a mode entitled “Walker Assault”. (DC)

2:14 PM: Madden looks pretty much like exactly what you would expect. Now, though, we’re moving on to Star Wars Battlefront, which is the entire reason I woke up this morning. (DC)

2:08 PM: Nope, it’s called Draft Champions. It’s basically a Fantasy Football video game. (DC)

2:07 PM: Please be a game called Gronk’s Quest. Please be a game called Gronk’s Quest. Please be a game called Gronk’s Quest. (DC)

2:05 PM: This will be an origin story for Faith. “Most importantly, there are no levels. There are no loading screens. You are truly free roaming.” Releases on February 23, 2016. (DC)

2:01 PM: And now Sara Jansson, senior producer of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, is here to show us some badass parkour.

1:59 PM: All FIFA 15 Ultimate players will receive a special gift in their account at the end of the press conference. But FIRST, let’s watch a trailer for FIFA 16.

1:58 PM: Finally, women’s teams will be included in FIFA. “We’ve been working on this for years.” (DC)

1:57 PM: Lionel Messi did motion capture to help perfect the player control system for FIFA 16. Speaking of, FIFA Trainer will give you real-time tooltips. (DC)

1:53 PM: Can this just be the rest of the press conference? (DC)

1:51 PM: Sorry — I’m freaking out right now because Pele is here with us telling us stories about how he coined the term “The Beautiful Game.” (DC)

1:48 PM: Basically, in Minions Paradise you nearly drown all your friends then trick them into laboring at a jury-rigged Sandals Jamaica. (DC)

1:46 PM: And now some aggressively loud footage of the Minions. (DC)

1:45 PM: Star  Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a new mobile collectible card game. Because “Starthstone” was too clunky. (D)C

1:39 PM: The game will be available on September 29. They’re unveiling a new game mode later this summer, and will have a revamped player physics system. (DC)

1:38 PM: Now NBA Live 16 producer is showing off the new game. NBA Live community manager the Hoop Gawd is demonstrating the HD facial scanner to put yourself into the game. (DC)

1:37 PM: The big takeaway from EA’s press conference so far seems to be “We read the comment section :(” (DC)

1:34 PM: Grab your skates because it’s time for an inspirational NHL16 trailer! It looks graphically stunning. (DC)

1:33PM: Plants vs. Zombies 2 drops in Spring 2016, and will have a plethora of free content updates after launch. I hope that doesn’t mean the game is relatively sparse. It looks pretty chock-full of content already.  (DC)

1:31 PM: The new game mode looks incredibly fun. Inventive weaponry, distinct character classes, and terrific co-op. Now, they’re introducing a single-player mode that lets you play with A.I. or with local splitscreen co-op. All original Garden Warfare players will be able to transfer their characters immediately at launch. (DC)

1:26 PM: And now a live demo of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2‘s Zomboss level at Z-Tech Industries. Mayhem is quickly ensuing as plants begin attacking. This is 4-player co-op called “Graveyard Ops”  (DC)

1:25 PM: Okay, Unravel was unreasonably cute. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, however, is here to party. Now the plants are on the attack with 6 new character classes from past, present, and future. (DC)

1:21 PM: Unravel is a puzzle platformer that stars Yarny, a little character made of yarn who unravels as you move. He represents love and the strain of separation. These behind-the-scenes shots are aggressively cute. It’s a physics-based puzzler. (DC)

1:18 PM: And now for a new IP entitled Unravel. Made by a small studio in Northern Sweden. Seems to star an adorable yarn devil-cat. (DC)

1:15 PM: Good news, Padawan learners. Star Wars: The Old Republic is rolling out a massive expansion pack, entitled Knights of the Fallen Empire. Comes out October 27, 2015, it’s completely free to subscribers, and it is very narrative-focused with an emphasis on player choice. (DC)

1:11 PM: And now that car is ruined by those awful Rocket Bunny decals. (DC)

1:09 PM: New game is coming on November 3. Mow we’re seeing some pre-alpha footage that looks amazing. This looks like an uncanny valley FMV game almost. Or maybe it’s live action and I’m just an idiot. (DC)

1:07 PM: New Need For Speed looks gorgeous. It takes place in Ventura Bay in a world that’s roughly twice the size of Rivals.

1:04 PM: Polite clapping for a mention of Mirror’s Edge. BIG applause for a mention of Star Wars. Raised eyebrows at mention of 3 new IPs. (DC)

1:00PM: What a start! Kicking things off with Mass Effect 4, a.k.a. Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game takes place in a new galaxy and drops in Holiday 2016. (DC)

Additional reporting by Dan Casey.

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