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Watch Danny McBride and Walton Goggins Duke it out in VICE PRINCIPALS

Danny McBride, anger issues, no network censorship, and terrible hair. That’s enough to sell of us on a new show right there.

Then you bring in The Hateful Eight‘s Walton Goggins as both the tinder to light that powder keg, and the gasoline to keep it burning. Metaphorically. Kenny Powers might say something like that, anyway.

And presto: your #1 reason to keep HBO going after the next season of Game of Thrones is done. Vice Principals sees the two stressed-out Southerners as the primary competitors for a principal position that – given the title of the show – we’re assuming neither one will ever get, mightily though they will try. And by “try,” we clearly mean break stuff and threaten violence.

Here’s the official synopsis, via HBO press release:

Created by Danny McBride and Jody Hill, who also created HBO’s EASTBOUND & DOWN, VICE PRINCIPALS is a dark comedy series that tells the story of a high school and the two people who almost run it, the vice principals. McBride and Goggins star as the rival administrators, who are in an epic power struggle, vying for the top spot: to be school principal. The half-hour show is slated for 18 episodes over two seasons. Premieres July 2016.

And here’s the first key art, which makes my high school margin doodles look mighty mediocre by comparison:

Vice Principals Tease

In even better news, however, those of you who happen to be in Austin, Texas for SXSW can see McBride and Goggins live onstage with us at the Legendary Digital Networks Saloon saloon this Friday, March 11th at noon. It’s free, and you don’t even need a South by Southwest badge! Just come by Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden, located at 79 Rainey St – we’re taking it over this weekend, and the Vice Principals are just the beginning. And fear not – there won’t be a pop quiz on this later. For once, going to the vice principal’s office is going to be a rockin’ good time.

Image: HBO

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