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Watch Daisy Ridley and John Boyega Spit a Sick FORCE AWAKENS Rap

What happens when there is too much time in between takes? According to John Boyega,the result of that downtime on the set of The Force Awakens was Daisy Ridley and him coming up with a Star Wars rap.

Uh, take your time getting each shot just right on Episode VIII, everyone.

In this exclusive video from Entertainment Tonight, we get to see a bonus feature from tomorrow’s release of The Force Awakens on Blu-ray and DVD, which showcases Finn beatboxing as Rey spits some lines about what it was like to work on the film.

Best I can tell, this song is titled “In the Desert (What What).”

We all up in the desert
And we’re doing Star Wars
Because of our diet
We can’t eat no Mars bars
Because of the explosion
They be crawling on our floors
Because of all the heat
We can really make some s’mores

Apparently Ridley was really hungry on set.

This is a special extra on Target’s exclusive edition of the movie, and for being a fun silly song (though Boyega was right, Ridley does in fact have some skills) it’s all kinds of awesome.

I mean, forget how funny it is to see the whole cast and crew dancing, or First Order troopers busting a groove, or J.J. Abrams rocking out, or Ridley and Carrie Fisher taking a spin together. Heck forget even seeing Oscar Isaac channel his best moves from Ex Machina to make Poe Dameron a dancing machine. The main takeaway: this clip features Admiral Ackbar dancing.

Admiral Ackbar dancing. Three words that could sell anything.


Ridley and Boyega are somehow even more likable than their characters, so we’re going to need more raps and more videos from the two of them. Hopefully the next Star Wars has plenty of downtime.

What do you think of Ridley’s rhymes? Bust out yours in the comments below to tell us what you think.

Image: Star Wars/ET/Target

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