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We teased it at the beginning of the month, and now you can watch the brand new Batman short film, entitled Batman: Strange Days, by the legend that is Bruce Timm. The short celebrates 75 years of the DC Comics character, created by Bob Kane in 1939, by showing us a black-and-white adventure very much in the style of a ’30s serial. It’s surprisingly brutal, too, as the long-eared Dark Knight really gives it to Dr. Hugo Strange and his behemoth of a minion. Have a gander.

You can find more videos of this nature on DC’s official YouTube page. As for the short itself, it feels like a throwback and yet somehow brand new. And how nice is it to hear Kevin Conroy’s familiar growl, even if only briefly? Let’s hope we get more shorts of this nature; I’d like to see where it all would go.

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  1. Drew says:

    It was so odd not hearing Kevin Conroy’s voice come out of a Bruce Timm Batman.

  2. RichardR says:

    This is a great short, and captures all the feel of early Batman (and an early Hugo Strange story) though Timm did weenie out by replacing the machine gun with tear gas (In the original comic story, Bats shoots up one of Strange’s trucks and kills the drivers, then lassos the monster around his neck and hangs him from the Batplane until he’s dead). This is still supremely enjoyable!

  3. Dustin says:

    Clearly people CAN dispute it (and do). Honestly from the sounds of things Kane was responsible for little more than the name, which hardly constitutes creating a character. Everything else we think of when we think of Batman is basically Finger.

  4. niizuma says:

    @brett the way it breaks down is simple bill finger is basically the dark knight detective while kane is bruce wayne
    Bill finger created the single most important aspect of the dark knights character the role reason he is the most popular and well known comic book character in the world HIS ORIGIN STORY
    6pgs of gold the batman origin is the only of the trinity’s which has remained unchanged and will never be changed because its universal
    the idea of bruce losing his parents to an act of crime that leads him to make his vow which intern leads to bruce devoting his life to fighting crime even though he knows he can never win is absolutely amazing its god damn gold

  5. Kyle Anderson says:

    Bill Finger did a whole lot for Batman and I for one think he was more important to the continued success of the characters and world than anyone else, but you can’t dispute that Kane was the one who created the character of Batman. I was very careful in my wording.

  6. Brett says:

    Created by BILL FINGER, and Bob Kane.