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Watch Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference Live Here!

We’ve reached the 30-minute warning for Bethesda’s E3 press conference, and that means it’s time for everyone to gather around their computer screens and prepare for the imminent bombs of the commencing E3 2015 media showcase. Before I get the urge to drop a paragraph’s worth of semi-appropriate nuclear holocaust jokes, I’d like to kick things off and express how much of an honor and pleasure it has been covering video games for you all! I hope that you enjoy E3, and that we are able to provide the most elaborate inside look into the event, almost as if you were physically ushered in by the super tight security guards of the LA convention center yourself. And on that note, let’s rock!

Join us as we embark on our E3 2015 journey, kicking things off with the first ever Bethesda press conference. What will we find out about the recently announced Fallout 4? Now that they’ve let the Dishonored 2 cat out of the bag early, what can we expect from Corvo Attano and friends? It’s time to find out this and more, so sit back, grab a fresh taste beverage, and enjoy the slew of awesome announcements and reveals that are sure to come this evening.

You can catch the live stream at the top of the page, and for some insightful commentary, Dan Casey and I will be live-blogging the entire show down below. Also, remember to stop back by tomorrow, as you’ll be able to catch the Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, and PlayStation media briefings all here on Nerdist.

8:22: Pete Hines just gave us all figurines in closing! They just won E3! (So far)

8:18: Fallout 4 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC November 10, 2105! Yahtzee!!

8:15: Speaking of robust– over 50 based weapons and 700 different weapon modifications. You can even modify your own power armor. That’s a lot of customization.

8:14: Fallout 4 will also have a crafting system, and encourage players to far, when they’re out roaming the surface. This game is robust.

8:10: Fallout Shelter will be available tonight. Quite the fast turnaround Bethesda.

8:06: Fallout Shelter is a mobile game, where you build your very own vault. You build your own rooms, send dwellers out on surface missions and work to build a livable vault society.

8:04: Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition has an app and can fit your cellphone. It also works with the game with second screen functionality.

8:02: The Pip-Boy is a lot more detailed. Including the armor system, which is layered based.

8:00: The command-based system for your dog is pretty awesome looking!

7:58: The dialogue is completely dynamic. Can be viewed in first or third person and interrupted at any time.

7:56: We’re being walked through the game’s opening sequence. After the nuclear holocaust, you emerge 200 years later as Vault 111 soul survivor.

7:53: You create your character in the mirror. The game starts in the Fallout world before the nuclear Holocaust.

7:50: Good ole concept art montage is going down! It looks great, but we’re ready for some gameplay! (MF)

7:47: After an elaborate troll, we’re moving on to the Fallout news! (MF)

7:44: Pete Hines just announced The Elder Scrolls: Legends. A free to play strategy card game. Available on PC and mobile. (MF)

7:42: Now we’re taking a look at the recently released Elder Scrolls Online : Tamriel Unlimited. (MF)

7:39: Emily is a playable character! Corvo still selectable as well. Dishonored 2 is coming to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. (MF)

7:36: Dishonored 2 is legit! (MF)

7:34: Arkane Studios has taken the stage, which means… DISHONORED! (MF)

7:32: And back to a world without Gun Powder. BattleCry footage is being shown and the open beta is on the way this month. Sign up at! (MF)

7:30: Doom’s coming Spring 2016 to PS4, Xbox One and PC! Mark those calendars. (MF)

7:27: Now we’re in Hell! Have to admit, the single player is growing on me, though they could add a few more elements to the game to make it feel like Doom. (MF)

7:24: Now Doom’s Sanpmap mode is being introduced, allowing players to create maps, and modes. UGC love is always great! (MF)

7:21: Doom multiplayer is inbound. We’re getting a sneak peak at it!

7:19: My guess is that this entire sequence has been gameplay, which is impressive for the visuals. Exactly what’d you’d expect in a Doom experience.

7:15: Graphically the game looks great, mainly because of the awesome lighting. Nothing too out of the ordinary happening though. Your typical ole gory FPS Doom experience.

7:13: Doom gameplay being shown and it is gory as hell! (No pun) But what did we expect?

7:11: Hines just introduced Doom! He claims “The id Tech 6 engine has taken the first-person shooter to a whole new level.”

7:07: Sweet Pete Hines is on stage opening up the keynote. I have a feeling we’re in for a crazy night!

7:05: We’re finally getting started with a little studio employee montage!

6:50: Still waiting for the event to start, hold tight folks! This is Bethesda’s first time doing this!

6:33 PM: We’re all packing into the Dolby Theatre. This is where they do the Oscars! It’s crazy busy and everyone has been given weird glowing bracelets t wear. Seems ominous. (DC)

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