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Watch as Japanese Cheesecakes Bounce Their Way Into Your Heart

Why would cheesecakes be a popular topic of conversation on the internet? Why WOULDN’T they be is the real answer, but in this case it’s because of their bounce. A video of bouncy cheesecakes is taking over the internet and Redditors can’t get enough. These energetic cakes have people lined up at bakeries all over Japan, and watching them being branded is like a mesmerizing dance.

American cheesecakes are usually heavy, even more so when laden down with rich toppings and sauces. After all, Cheesecake Factory based their whole restaurant concept around these hefty treats. Meanwhile Japanese desserts have always been on the light side but their cheesecakes in particular are “cotton soft,” labeled as such because they’re almost lighter than air.

cheesecake bounce

The softness or “bounce” is achieved by separating the eggs and whipping up the egg whites, thus giving them the nickname “souffle cheesecakes.” When the egg whites are folded into the batter, the airiness of the meringue gives the cake a lift that helps it to pillow up as it bakes. Baked low and slow in a water bath, in some cases it’s possible to make these billowy desserts using as little as three ingredients.

Since these cheesecakes are so light, they’re rarely flavored unless it’s with a dusting of powdered sugar or matcha, to add fruit to the cake would weigh it down and no one wants a sad bounceless cake.

The problem with airy cheesecake? You can’t just eat one slice. You’ll find that you’ve consumed the whole thing in no time. Just keep telling yourself that the cheesecake will bounce off the calories for you.

Have you tried a bouncy cotton soft cheesecake? Let us know in the comments!

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