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Watch an Adorable Hamster Run Through a SUPER MARIO BROS Maze

How has your day been? Or your week? Good? Bad? Well it doesn’t matter, because no matter how things are going for you life is about to get a whole lot better after you watch this short video of a hamster going through a real life maze based on the first level of Super Mario Bros.

We came across this genuinely delightful video at Kotaku, and it comes to us from YouTube user yutako55. Even though it is only 38 seconds long there is so much wonderfulness here we think we may have found our spirit animal: a hamster filling in for Mario.

From trying—and trying—to get that cute little Mario hat on (stick around ’til the end if you really want that adorable visual), to going down the pipe to grab some underground coins, to then coming back up it with his giant little head poking out, before safely getting across the pit and wrapping up the abbreviated level, this hamster and this video is nothing but pure joy.

Here’s another little one of him playing in the maze too.

I love this hamster. It’s almost like he’s magic.

So here’s him wearing a little wizard’s hat.

Wrap it up, folks; I think the disaster that has been the year of 2016 has found the hero it needs, and it’s a tiny hat-loving hamster from Japan playing a real life Super Mario Bros. game. Just like the prophecies foretold.

What other video game would you like to see this hamster play next? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: yutako55/YouTube

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