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Watch 30 Classic Album Covers Come To Life

All of you classic rock/pop music lovers and vintage vinyl collectors out there are going to flip for this latest music video from Israeli artists Roy Kafri and Vania Heymann. The video for Kafri’s single “Mayokero” features nearly 30 iconic vinyl album covers (Madonna and The Beatles among them) becoming animated beatboxing on what appears to be an ordinary city street during some kind of swap meet/garage sale.

So which classic records made the cut for this video? You’ve got the Smiths’ military themed Meat Is Murder cover starting things off, as well as Prince’s 1979 self-titled album, with his feathered hair and his “Do Me, Baby” sexy stare, as well as famous albums from ABBA, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin. Other classic album covers included in this video are records from The Beatles (Revolver) Carole King (Tapestry)  Michael Jackson (Thriller, of course) and Madonna (True Blue.) You also get  The Velvet Underground & Nico, with that famous banana on the cover slowly rotting. According to the artists, the video was was “made out of love and admiration for all the musicians and visual artists [whose] art we grew up listening to and staring at.”

In this era of digital downloads, younger music fans out there might not understand the importance of the album cover. Those of us old enough to remember holding the album in your hands after running to Tower Records or the Wherehouse to buy an album by an artist you admired and loved, and then staring at the cover and reading the liner notes over and over while listening to the record will especially appreciate this music video and trip down memory lane.

Did one of your favorite albums make the cut? Let us know in the comments below.

Roy Kafri – Mayokero (Music Video) from Vania Heymann on Vimeo.

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Image: Vania Heymann

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  1. He threw away a collection of some of the greatest albums in music history for a freakin’ Minidisc player?! what an asshole!! Awesome music video though!