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Watch the First 3 Minutes of THE NIGHT BEFORE

Every Christmas offers a heartwarming, milk chocolate-coated tale to get us in the mood for the holiday cheer, and that’s what we look forward to. But here’s a warning for this year: things are really getting shaken up and might never be the same again, because Jonathan Levine‘s The Night Before is adding an unhealthy amount of debauchery to our lovely-jubbly Christmas.

Basically, you’ve never been to a party like this one, so prepare accordingly. This warped adventure stars a slew of our favorite funnymen — Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Anthony Mackie — as lifelong pals trying to find the Holy Grail of Christmas festivities (all while wearing godawful Christmas sweaters). And now you can watch the first three minutes just to get an idea of the merry mayhem that awaits you.

It’s narrated by the one and only Tracy Morgan, whose voice in the clip above does sound gentle and heartwarming, complemented by Rogen’s teddy bear face. Even so, there’s a foreboding sense that things are gonna get super CRAZY-like.

“Then one fateful night in 2008, they realized that Christmas can be even more great! That eve at the bar, they saw quite a sight, fellow seekers of joy, having one crazy night. And there was a woman, so pretty to all, so they worked up the courage, proceeded to call…” 

“Excuse me, where were you guys partying?” 

Where, indeed? If you can step up to the challenge, The Night Before opens in theaters on November 20. Wait, that’s just days away! Yep. PREPARE YOURSELVES IMMEDIATELY, because this Christmas is going to be very messy. Sorry, I mean merry.

Are you going to see The Night Before? What are you most excited about in the movie? Reach out to me on Twitter, or make a comment below.


IMAGE: Columbia Pictures

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