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Warner Bros. Shows the First BATMAN V SUPERMAN Footage and More

First up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director took the stage with stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Godot.

And Snyder showed up with a brief clip from the film!

It’s (super) short, but the less than a minute long clip featured Batman all armored up Dark Knight Returns-style up on a rainy rooftop shining the Bat-signal up into the night.

And who does it illuminate but the Man of Steel, looking pissed, eyes red with heat vision.

photo 1

Next up, Channing Tatum took the stage to talk up Jupiter Ascending, the latest from the Wachowskis. Tatum joked that co-star Mila Kunis couldn’t be here because she was “super pregnant” (she’s off shooting a TV series right now), but the Magic Mike and 22 Jump Street star presented a new, meatier trailer for the 2015 sci-fi film.

It embellishes on the one released earlier this year, with Kunis’ character Jupiter learning that she was alien royalty and “owner” of planet Earth, but we also saw more action, including a fight between Tatum and a winged lizard-like alien.

Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller came up for his first-ever Comic-Con appearance, telling fans that the fourth film featuring the Road Warrior would offer audiences a new look at stars Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and new Mad Max Tom Hardy.

Miller presented a sizzle reel and one action scene from the film and it was all big, weird, beautiful, and possibly perfect. Without story context, it’s hard to tell what the hell was going on, but it looks like early on, Max is captured and imprisoned, his blood used as food (?) for dune buggy-driving mutant-types like Hoult (X-Men: Days of Future Past).

Theron looks fierce as desert leader Furiosa, wielding a sniper rifle and leading a deadly convoy through the wasteland; and Hardy doesn’t have a line of dialog in the trailer (outside of VO setting up the footage), while Miller has created some odd spaces as he builds out his weird, apocalyptic world, with a powerful lightning-filled sandstorm, a gleaming vault carved into a rock wall, and so many bodies getting wrecked.

Also, offering a little look at the production process, Miller says that there was no script for the largely wordless Fury Road. Instead, the movie was shot off of over 3,500 storyboards, with the cast and crew working off of them as a kind of hyper-extended comic book. Word is, Fury Road will be a 2-hour chase movie, with Miller adding on-stage that the characters only speak when necessary.

Miller also explained how the production team arrived at the look of the film, choosing only vehicles which would survive an apocalypse – those which were rugged and lacked computers or the kinds of technology that wouldn’t survive the end of the world.

He described Hardy as “lovable,” sharing the kind of charisma that attracted the director to original series star Mel Gibson.

Image: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

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  1. Not digging this at all. I was promised she would work, and yet she doesn’t.

     The costumes alright…but she just doesn’t scream WW. Its like getting andrew Garfield to play Thor. Just doesn’t work. Pack on the little baby muscles all you want. Some of us aren’t meant to be certain things. Im sure they could have gotten another actress, less skinny…especially given that soo many actresses or die-hard skinny anyway, we could use a little more diversity.

    Meanwhile the men are all perfectly chiseled beef cakes. Women are usually better at doing multiple things…and i refuse to believe that they can be both buff, and great at acting. My money was on Jamie alexander, or jessica biel.

    Oh well…hollywood has killed yet another childhood dream. Xena is probably the closest thing to a proper wonder woman ill ever get to see.

  2. That's Not Wonder Woman says:

    Nope. Don’t like it or her at all. She doesn’t look like she can take on a hamburger let alone Superman. This movie is gonna blow. 

  3. david says:

    I love the custom, it looks pretty freaking awesome. My only issue is that she just isn’t muscular enough and I’m not saying that she should be all jacked up, but she should have at least concentrated on shoulder workouts.

  4. Scott says:

    I always wanted Xena warrior Princess to come on the big screen oh wait this is Wonder Woman……..

  5. Terod Fuller says:

    I love it actually. I think she looks great. It’s just right amount of size, while still keeping a sexy feminine body type. Her true strength is God(s) given. She’s not in the gym 24/7 bulking up. Though I understand she (WW) has elite level training, but that doesn’t mean she has to be a large bulky women. 
    Think about Vampires, They are super strong, fast, agile, but can be small women in stature. Yes, their gifts are supernatural, but that same argument can be said about wonder woman too.
    Gal is a beautiful woman, no question about that. Is she too skinny? Maybe if comparing to the comics…..but not every rendition of WW has her extremely bulky. Can she act? Her resume is very small, so that truly remains to be seen, but I think she deserves a chance. I believe she can do it. 

    • Irabbit says:

      She definitely put on some muscle for it and I think I might have to take back all my naysaying. It looks great!

    • I understand where you are coming from. But still, WW has a physique the we have grown accustomed too. It like getting Andrew Garfield to play THOR, or Superman. All her strength doesn’t come from her muscles, but a certain amount of her body is expected to be there. PLus, i hate how Hollywood keeps perpetuating skinny girls. How about they Give Venus or Serena Williams Type women in these movies ? I know they are out there.

  6. Spoko305 says:

    So WW is now a big headed Barbie with no muscles? Am I missing something? Everyone was hoping the actress would bulk up, but she’s just the same. WW is the supreme Alpha female, but she looks like a supremely weak female. The outfit is alright, but who cares about that if the person wearing it looks like a starving model.

    • Craig Christensen says:

      She said in interviews shortly after being cast that she was not going to be bulking up, that her workout and diet regimen would help her tone.

  7. Robin Asia says:

    Ok Mr Snyder, you have my attention.  Go on…
    Though I always wish they would give the lady heroes pants (WW in pants looked good in the comic, but not the tv show).  Fighting crime like that cannot be comfortable.  

  8. Captain Aquel Foley says:

    Pic Unrelated? No text in the article explaining this shot.

    • Captain Aquel Foley says:

      Oh… so WW will be in this too. There went my hopes that they would somehow reconcile the awesomeness of the Batman universe with the absurdity of Superman’s… BvS may have just landed in the “Wait for Redbox” list.

      • Rocco says:

        You obviously haven’t paid any attention to the news. This isn’t just a Batman/superman movie. Gal GAdot was cast as Wonder Woman a long time ago. JESSE Eisenberg Lex Luthor. There’s even Aqua man talk.

  9. Orionsangel says:

    I don’t like it. Since when is Wonder Woman brown? Why does the Hollywood machine always think they can improve upon the original source material? Stick to whats fans know and love.

    • Panda says:

      Ever since she’s Amazonian…

      • Sue says:

        You do know an Amazon was from Greek myth and not a person from the Amazon, right? Plus, I think the poster is referring to the color of the outfit.

    • fapachu says:

      funny thing is, people complained about the bright colors in the failed WW pilot and praised the muted colors from the porn parody…so basically this is probably a response to that.

    • persagax says:

      Wow. Why dont you pump the brakes on your weirdo racism. Gal Gadot, while Israeli and therefore not exactly “white” or whatever, is far from what I would call “brown.”Also, if you just wait until you actually see it before you start trashing it, you might have a good time. I trust Snyder, he makes good flicks. But if your enjoyment of a film is going to be ruined by a 10% darker skinned woman playing WW, maybe just don’t see it I guess? After all, there’s hundreds of wonder woman comics out there you can read instead. And more every week.

      • sfg says:

        I think he was referring to the brown costume.

      • POE says:

        Wow. Since when is fashion critique racism? And I’m curious, what exactly would you call ‘brown’? Weird thing to call a person imho.

        As for the suit, I think it looks way better than the typical bright cartoon colours which frankly look ridiculous in any non-animated film.

    • James Buchanan says:

      Roasting marshmallows on a burning cross, are we?

    • Victor Williams says:

      She’s an Amazonian. From the Amazon. In BRAZIL! Wonder Woman should have been brown from day 1

      • alejandro says:

        LORD help him…. SHE’S AN AMAZON..  NOT “AMAZONIAN”…  she’s from themyscira.. its a greek idland… 

  10. longbowhunter says:

    I need to see that Superman v Batman footage. Like….NEED to. Medically. I dont care if its shot with a cellphone smuggled in via backpack and hidden in a water bottle and its so blurry that Batman looks like Bigfoot. I need to see that shit RIGHT NOW!!!!!