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Warner Bros. Puts Geoff Johns in Charge of DC Films

In the wake of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it was widely rumored that Warner Bros. was considering drastic action as a response to the film’s divisive reception. Last night, those rumors were confirmed and DC Films is now in the hands of Geoff Johns and Jon Berg.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Johns and Berg will co-run DC Films while still reporting to their respective bosses at DC and Warner Brothers. Johns will remain in his current role as DC’s Chief Creative Officer, while Berg is also an executive vice president at WB. The thinking appears to be that Johns will bring a greater legitimacy to DC Films because of his knowledge and passion for comics while Berg will balance that out with his experience as a film executive. In addition to his long career as a comic book writer, Johns is also widely credited for his role in bringing successful live-action DC dramas Arrow and The Flash to television. If Johns can replicate that success with the DC films then his partnership with Berg could be the best of both worlds.

While the obvious comparison of Johns and Berg’s new positions is being made to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, the initial report is playing down that assumption by claiming that “Warners still wants to remain a filmmaker-driven studio.” But really, the only thing that anyone wants to see out of their ascensions are better DC movies. If WB was satisfied with the audience response to Batman v Superman then it wouldn’t be making this move now.

It may be some time before we see this change reflected in the films. Both Johns and Berg have been added as executive producers to the first Justice League film, which director Zack Snyder is currently shooting. And Johns is already co-writing the next Batman movie, which Ben Affleck will be directing and starring in.

How do you feel about the restructuring of DC Films? Do you have faith that Johns and Berg can make the comic book movie fans happy? Call forth the lightning (it helps if you say Shazam!) and share your thoughts below!

And while we’re on the subject, here are six Batman stories that’d be perfect for Affleck’s developing film.

Image: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures

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