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Warner Bros. Announces BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT, Developed By Rocksteady, With New Trailer

Looks like those gaping Batman rumors from over the weekend were true after all, as Warner Bros. just announced Batman: Arkham Knight for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The developer reigns will be returned to Rocksteady, which brought us the first two Arkham games before taking the bench while Warner Bros. Montreal took over on Arkham Origins. Here’s a look at the first trailer:

Wow, now there’s something to get hyped up about: The game will feature in-game vehicles. A cruise in the Batmobile, anyone? Arkham Knight will don the biggest open world seen in any Batman game yet, and will feature villains such as Scarecrow, Two-Face, The Penguin, and Harley Quinn. Arkham Knight will be the conclusion of the Arkham story arc and will only be hitting the PS4, Xbox One and PC (no Wii U, ouch), which is good news, because it means that Rocksteady will not have to scale down the game to accommodate the previous gen.

The first full next-gen Batman experience will be hitting stores in 2014, most likely in October or November, during the holiday season. This thing is already sounding like any Batman fan’s dream come true. Are you excited about the new Batman announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

HT: Game Informer

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  1. E M says:

    Thank goodness. I was scared Arkham Origins would be the last game in this series.

  2. ZraceR says:

    I’m glad they are making this but only releasing this for new consoles? Come on Warner Brothers and Rocksteady. That’s kind of a slap in the face to people who have the Arkham collection on the older systems

  3. CXRengel says:

    I hope the original voice cast returns, especially Kevin Conroy as Batman.

  4. darcy says:

    Do you mean to tell me that I’ve gotta buy a PS4 before I play this game?

    It better have Kevin Conroy (The definitive Batman!) and Mark Hamill (The definitive Joker) in it

  5. xnef1025 says:

    Well, that explains why Rocksteady wasn’t the developer on Origins, they were working on this beauty. Shame it has to be the last Arkham game, but looks like they are going out on top.

    Maybe they should move on to another DC property that could benefit from a similar but tweaked control scheme? The Flash, Rocksteady style, perhaps?

  6. profcommie says:

    I am more excited about this than much of the rest of the things for which I feel excitement. Origins was kind of… a game that existed and didn’t really do the series justice. Arkham City was one of the best games I have ever played.

  7. Sydney Richardson says:

    Looks fantastic. You had me at Rocksteady.

  8. Shawn says:

    That trailer was amazing. I have high hopes for rocksteady to return this franchise to the glory they brought it to, especially after WBM mucked up the potential Arkham Origins had.