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Wanna Know What ORPHAN BLACK Has In Store for Its Non-Clones?

So, we all have a general (read: vague) idea what’s ahead for the clones of Orphan Black, but the BBC America show has remained mum on the lives of its naturally born human characters. That is, until now. With the season two premiere just around the corner — April 19th, in fact — the series’ creators, John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, are opening up about what we might see from the clone’s supporting players. In a recent interview with Vulture, the duo spoke on whether or not these regular humans become friend or foe to the Clone Club. Read on and find out whose side everyone is on (spoiler alert: it’s complicated).

Everyone’s favorite non-clone (because, c’mon, let’s be real here), Felix, is going to have a bit of a rough patch in season two. And though the best-line-nabber and witty fashionisto will still add lots of levity to the proceedings, he’s “going to get tired of being a doormat and the one who always diligently helps Sarah when she gets into trouble. Felix has been sucked into this world just as much as Sarah has. Things aren’t going to be all wine and roses for those two this season.” Uh oh! But through discovering more about Felix, we’re likely to discover more about Sarah and Mrs. S — a relationship at the heart of this season’s mystery. But have no fear, there are “some really good Felix and Alison [scenes] this season.” Which is well-received by us because, well, Alison and Felix together are the best.

There’s even a video (isn’t that exciting?):

Oh Paul. He’s a tricky one, isn’t he? And it looks like this season he’s set to increasingly mystify and confuse — and perhaps not in a good way. “He”s a conflicted guy trying to serve a few masters at a time … he’s got some surprises up his sleeve as well and I don’t think they’re all going to be pleasant.” Yeah, but pleasant for whom?!

Many members of the Clone Club have an affinity for the relationship between Delphine and Cosima. As Manson explains it, “That relationship remains fraught. Their hearts are wrapped up in it, but that doesn’t mean they’re beyond power plays.” Given that Cosima’s illness is going to play a huge part in season two, expect their relationship to only get more complicated, as if the whole monitor/lover thing wasn’t fraught enough already. “At the end of the day their hearts are caught up in this,” said Manson. “So what’s going to win for Delphine: the heart or the DYAD?”

Everyone’s favorite cop, Art, is not going anywhere (thank goodness), and season two proves he might just be the man to solve this whole thing. Said Manson, “Art has been getting so close to the truth and he’s a really smart guy who hates a mystery. I think it’s safe to say Art’s eyes are going to get opened. Art turned into an uneasy ally by the end of season 1 and that’s a decent way to describe him again. He’s really gotten to the core of it…. It’s a good friend to have for Sarah and the clones.” But don’t think it’s going to be wholly smooth sailing for our unlikely ally: “He’s going to have to deal with Angie, as are the others.” Dammit, Angie!

Mrs. S
We all know that Mrs. S’s slowburn to major reveal (that’s now only shrouded in even more mystery) as a seemingly conspiring member of Project LEDA was nuts. According to the creators, though, it’s only going to get crazier. “We really liked spooling that character out. We obviously put quite a cliffhanger on that character and her motivations at the end of season 1,” explained Manson. “I don’t think anyone is going to see what’s coming for Mrs. S in season 2. She’s got a lot up her sleeve. She’s a resourceful woman.”

According to Manson, Mrs. S’s allegiances will be tested and seem to revolve around Sarah’s daughter, Kira. The mysterious matriarch’s “relationship with Sarah remains tense and the center of [that] is the battle over Kira and who’s the best to at keeping Kira safe.” So, it seems like Kira’s safety hangs in the balance this season — uh oh.

Do you have a favorite non-clone character? Let us know in the comments.

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