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Wal-Ouija is the Evil Waluigi/Ouija Board Crossover We Always Needed

There are some who find Ouija boards so sinister they won’t even allow them in their home, so you’d think combining one with the evil, purple-clad Nintendo villain Waluigi would create the most devilish device known to man. But you’d be wrong. So wrong. Because Wal-Ouija is nothing but pure joy.

Illustrators Marlowe Dobbe and Nyssa Oru of Portland are responsible for this particular piece of 8.5 by 14-inch wonderfulness, and while it predictably sold out in 2017, it is now thankfully in stock in limited quantities. They retail for 20 dollars, which is cheaper than a normal Quija board, despite this version being infinitely cooler.

And not just because of how awesome it looks, but because rather than trying to talk to any old random, boring ghost with a classic Ouija board, this is just for communicating with ghost Waluigi. Think of all the things he’ll be able to share with you. He can answer “yes or no” questions with a “wa” or “nah,” and even respond to your inquiries with a “waaaa,” or a “awww,” or maybe even a….”wawa?”

Look, it doesn’t matter, because most of the time we imagine ghost Waluigi will be too busy competing in ghost kart races to actually respond, but you’ll be too busy showing your guests your amazing, interactive piece of art to care.

We never would have guessed the key to making a Ouija board less frightening was to dedicate one to a bad guy, but we were so wrong. And it feels so good.

Is there another character you’d love to see get their own themed Ouija board? Select your favorite in our comments below.

Waaaaaah More Maaaario?

Featured Image: Nintendo
Wal-Ouija Board Images: Marlowe Dobbe and Nyssa Oru

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